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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec 17, 2008 by     Comments Off on Wednesday, December 17, 2008    Posted under: Andree Boyd Zamarlik, Billy Pilgrim Jr, Evan Geerlings, Jeff Funk, Liz Dolan, Nick Sanabria

Hey Cher…down New Orleans way comes word that BILLY PILGRIM JR. has been promoted at the Hearst NBC affiliate WDSU. He’s now Promotion Manager. Congrats and Well Dunne! Billy called with the new on the day they had snow in NO – totally out of the normal weather range for the Crescent City. The white covering didn’t last long nor did it cool down the hot times the city is noted for. Billy’s been at the station over a year as writer producer and got the bump last week. He’d been holding down the creative fort in the wake of CSD JOE SCHILTZ‘s departure and #2 JEFF FUNK’s move back home to Atlanta. Did such a good job, they reintated the formerly erased #2 slot and gave it to Mr. P. Billy will be part of the great team waiting for new CSD ANDREE BOYD ZAMARLIK when she takes over. Happy Holidays, Billy! Thanks for the update.

Trailer Park, the promo marketing group out of LA whose name just works, has a new guy on board. EVAN GEERLINGS is tasked with Business Development of the newly created Digital Design Group. Cool. Read about it on the B&C site by clicking.

For those of you from fully functional family units, don’t listen to the NICK SANABRIA ditty that pokes fun at the holiday family gatherings happening this time of the year. Nick is a Well Dunne! Talent talent whose voice is perfect for TV work. I can’t load the blasted thing on this site…so just email me via Linked In and I’ll get it to you. It’s HILARIOUS!

Congrats to the new Chief Mareting Officer for Oprah’s OWN Network. LIZ DOLAN comes over from Nike to take the lead and she’ll office in Burbank. She’s a Brown grad with a background in radio as part of the Satellite Sisters.

Think About This: “When we set aside time each day for deep communion with the infinite, then, as surely as day follows night, the light of inspiration will illuminate our beings.” ~ Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith