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Well Dunne! for May 15, 2009

May 15, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne! for May 15, 2009    Posted under: Andrea Creech, KSTP, Oprah, Paul Gaulke, Twitter

This is a gorgeous time of the year up in Minnesota. Sparkling lake waters once again invite boats and people, trees and flowers are in full bloom and the temps are perfect for being comfortable and sleeping with the windows open. That makes it especially wonderful for PAUL GAULKE, who has taken the slot of Creative Services Director of KSTP, the ABC affil in the Twin Cities. Paul and his lovely wife traded their Richmond, VA address for one in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area when she took a job there the end of ’08. Paul had been with Media General for 11 years and this new opportunity will enable him to continue to strategize, manage and keep the creative streak going for the fine folks at Hubbard. The slot opened when ANDREA CREECH followed her heart with the man of her dreams. Ah, romance! This is, btw, not the first time Paul has worked in the Twin Cities. He was at KARE as an intern! Full circle, I see. Yes, he has a degree from U Minn Twin Cities, too. Great news, Paul. And Well Dunne!

Pay Attention – Job Request: Successful Advertising Sales Pro looking for new position based Los Angeles Area – worked in national TV syndication, TV promotion, marketing, events, national sweepstakes, affiliate relations, and most recently entertainment trade B2B print and digital sales. Well trained, computer friendly, socially acceptable, works and plays well with others. Email TVbrat2@aol.com

Does it surprise anyone that Oprah has a million followers on Twitter? AD AGE says so. If you want to follow Well Dunne! via twitter, check out katebacondunne and sign up!

Angry ads? Yep, the NYT writes about how to channel consumer outrage. No doubt they checked the price of gasoline lately…oh, no. The gasoline companies don’t usually advertise anymore…

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Wednesday September 17, 2008

Sep 17, 2008 by     Comments Off on Wednesday September 17, 2008    Posted under: Chris Friedrichs, Harry Jessell, Michael Madnick, Paul Gaulke, Rick Snyder

WOFL is the FOX station in the booming Orlando market, located in a suburb called Lake Mary, a place noted for being the home of the Auto Club. When their VP Creative RICK SNYDER took the VP Creative slot at the Speed Channel in Charlotte, the hunt was on for a replacement. They just found one, and he begins on October 13. Going to work at WOFL House (if this isn’t a nickname for them, it SHOULD be!) is CHRIS FRIEDRICHS, who’ll be packing up and moving south on I-95 from Richmond, VA where he had been #2 in corporate creative services for Media General, working with PAUL GAULKE. Chris is a great guy who is going to love the Big O, as they call the market. His taste in books is excellent, btw…and a shout out to him for pointing me to a very special title. Well Dunne! Chris.

MICHAEL MADNICK is getting a new employee badge at 20th Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising. His title is Executive Director/Creative Production and it sound like he gets to do all the fun stuff, like TV commercials, product development and special events.

HARRY JESSELL (that’s him on the right) has a very good article about local TV websites adding real value to the overall operation. Wahoo…some good news! Click here to check it out from TVNewsday.

The creative team at CBS is at it again. Coming to the public from the folks who put logos on eggs is now EcoHangars. Read about this interesting new twist in promotion from the folks at Variety.

Got news to share? Best way to reach me and keep the spammers at bay is through Linked In. Great social networking site for professionals…and it’s free, easy and fast.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Nov 9, 2007 by     Comments Off on Friday, November 9, 2007    Posted under: Bill Anderson, Garry Marshall, Josh Combs, Media General, Mike Mingroni, Paul Gaulke, Paul Greeley, Sandra Oh, TVNewsday, WMBB., WTVR

I have always loved GARRY MARSHALL. Seriously love him. I dream of working with him someday, somehow. I’ll even walk his dog (which is not a euphemism, people.) Here’s Gary’s video about the WRITERS STRIKE

“How greedy can you get? They won’t share the internet.” That’s the chant outside ABC and here’s talented SANDRA OH’s video about the strike.

Lots going on in the Media General world, and a big thanks goes out to PAUL GAULKE for sharing the following info.

Leaving behind the Gateway to the West and the Arch of St. Louis is MIKE MINGRONI. He’s heading east to Richmond, VA to be the Art Director of Media General’s Central Graphics Undertaking. The new MGBG Central Graphics Operation. The new undertaking will provide a wide range of graphics for news, marketing, sales and special projects across the company’s 23 network-affiliated television stations. In StL, Mike was VP of graphics for ACME’s WB affil KPLR. His new boss will be JIM DOYLE, general manager of of MGCGO. Well Dunne! Mike.

Speaking of Richmond, I need to set things straight in regards to CBS6, WTVR. I confused MATT McCLAIN with the new promo manager there. Matt is the Commercial Production guy and the slot that ANDY SCHWABE left open when he started his own business is still open. And they are looking for someone great to fill it. Ideal locale puts you close to the mountains, the ocean and DC. Contact the very kind BILL ANDERSON, Director of Marketing, for more info. You would love working for him. Thanks for your help, Bill and I know you’ll find just the right person soonest.

Down in Panama City, where white sand beaches are lapped by aqua blue waves 24/7 comes more Media General news about WMBB, the ABC affil. JOSH COMBS is the new Marketing Manager, replacing MARC MORRISTON who’s now at WCNC in Charlotte. It’s actually a promotion for Josh, who began his TV career in Indianapolis in ’98 while a student. When Mr. Combs transferred to Indiana U in Bloomington, he worked at PBS affil WTIU and earned his bachelor’s in telecommunications. He’s done radio as well, DJing as well as being a reporter and weatherman. Sounds so cool. Well Dunne! Josh.

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