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Wednesday September 17, 2008

Sep 17, 2008 by     Comments Off on Wednesday September 17, 2008    Posted under: Chris Friedrichs, Harry Jessell, Michael Madnick, Paul Gaulke, Rick Snyder

WOFL is the FOX station in the booming Orlando market, located in a suburb called Lake Mary, a place noted for being the home of the Auto Club. When their VP Creative RICK SNYDER took the VP Creative slot at the Speed Channel in Charlotte, the hunt was on for a replacement. They just found one, and he begins on October 13. Going to work at WOFL House (if this isn’t a nickname for them, it SHOULD be!) is CHRIS FRIEDRICHS, who’ll be packing up and moving south on I-95 from Richmond, VA where he had been #2 in corporate creative services for Media General, working with PAUL GAULKE. Chris is a great guy who is going to love the Big O, as they call the market. His taste in books is excellent, btw…and a shout out to him for pointing me to a very special title. Well Dunne! Chris.

MICHAEL MADNICK is getting a new employee badge at 20th Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising. His title is Executive Director/Creative Production and it sound like he gets to do all the fun stuff, like TV commercials, product development and special events.

HARRY JESSELL (that’s him on the right) has a very good article about local TV websites adding real value to the overall operation. Wahoo…some good news! Click here to check it out from TVNewsday.

The creative team at CBS is at it again. Coming to the public from the folks who put logos on eggs is now EcoHangars. Read about this interesting new twist in promotion from the folks at Variety.

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Aug 5, 2008 by     Comments Off on     Posted under: KBCI, Rich Brase, Rick Snyder, Speed Channel

Even with the price of gas being what it is, NASCAR and auto racing just keep growing in popularity. One of my good friends is a cardiologist, and when he sees car racing on TV, he can’t turn away! Well, The Speed Channel is all about racing, and they have a new Vice President of Creative Services. Heading to Charlotte to take that slot is RICK SNYDER. He’ll be leaving the Florida palm trees and his current position as VP Creative at FOX’s WOFL and all the ancillary stations involved. He’ll be closer to family in BankTown USA (one of Charlotte’s nicknames since both Bank of America and Wachovia are headquartered there) and it’s a step up to a network position. He’s also worked in Birmingham, so it’s clear he’s going to be rather surprised at the January snow that Charlotte usually delivers. He’s still down in the Big O – will be until August 22. Great to hear, Rick. Well Dunne!

The TV promo world is losing another gem. Turning off the TV set to take the job of Director of Marketing for the Vancouver, Washington Symphony Orchestra is RICH BRASE, former PROMAX Chairman who has been at Fisher’s KBCI in Boise for the last two years. A veteran of Belo’s Portland operation, KGW as well as Chicago’s WMAQ and KSDK in St. Louis, Rich has more honors than you can list in a blog. As of this Friday, he’ll be returning to Portland, where he calls home with his wife and teenage daughter. The biz is a little less vibrant without Rich’s enthusiasm and talents. But it’s great to hear about his new exciting career path! Well Dunne!

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