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August 3, 2012

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ALISON HOFFMAN has an ideal new title: Senior VP of Marketing for Starz, officing in Beverly Hills to boot. She’ll be moving west from her former job: NYC-based VP of Creative and Brand Strategy for AMC. The Brown grad will no doubt enjoy the balmy winters in 90210. 

Job Alert – Graphic Designer needed at KVUE Austin TX

Job Alert – Promo writer/Producer/Editor at KREM in Spokane

Think About This: "We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality; tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. As long as there is poverty in this world, no man can be totally rich even if he has a billion dollars. As long as diseases are rampant and millions of people cannot expect to live more than twenty or thirty years, no man can be totally healthy, even if he just got a clean bill of health from the finest clinic in America. Strangely enough, I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. You can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the way the world is made."  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


August 2, 2012

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Former Promo Pro BUD BROWN is heading to oil country as GM of the ABC affils in both Abilene and San Angelo, Texas. After doing the creative thing, Mr. Bud moved to the GM chair in Oregon, Tulsa and most recently at WWL in New Orleans. Well Dunne! Bud. 

Anybody else getting a big emotional plus from those smiling faces on the Olympics? Has made it possible to get through some rough patches. And August is a blue moon month…oy!

Job Alert – Graphic Artist KOAA Colorado Springs

Job Alert – Graphic Artist  KSTP Minneapolis

Think About This:  "Tell a man he is brave, and you help him to become so.”  ~ Thomas Carlyle


July 28, 2012

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Former promo pro CAROLINE FOY WELCH, who at one time was CSD at WPVI and did promo producer work at WBFF in Balto, is now GM at ABC’s WTVD in Raleigh Durham. Promo folks make EXCELLENT and far superior GM’s than most anybody else. My opinion. Well Dunne! Caroline.

Cheryl Crow is onboard the new strip KATIE, as in Couric. Ms. Cheryl not only wrote the theme song, she sang it as well. Very cool. Give it a listen here.

Job Alert – Director of Marketing, Press and Promotions for Telemundo in Miami. Ref 6464BR

Job Alert – Sr. Designer/Animator for Comcast Sports in Houston Ref6425BR

Job Alert – 2 Final Cut Editors needed at 2C Media in Miami

Job Alert – Writer producer for Discovery Fit & Health Channel Silver Spring MD

Think About This:  “Grown-ups love figures. When you tell them that you have made a new friend, they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you, “What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he collect butterflies?” Instead, they demand: “How old is he? How many brothers has he? How much does he weigh? How much money does his father make?” Only from these figures do they think they have learned anything about him.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


July 24, 2012

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Some people have a lot of luck. Take STEVE HARRIS, for instance. Not only is he talented but he’s getting to live in several of the US’s greatest places. He’s going to be leaving Tucson, which is an ideal place – Paul McCartney has his one and only vacation home in Tucson. And what city is enticing him to leave the desert? None other than Austin, TX, home to Willie Nelson, the state capital, and a couple of kids studying at a place that has a Longhorn. As a California guy ( he went to Cal State Chico) Steve will fit right in. He’s taking the CSD slot at Sinclair’s CBS affil KEYE and decamping his 7 year stint at Journal’s ABC affil, KGUN. Yep, he’s trading one great set of calls for another. Steve learned the promo biz at one of the great spots around – KOVR in Sacramento, where he spent 13 and a half years as Director of Advertising and Promotion. He’s going to take I-10 East for an August start date. A big Well Dunne! to you Steve.

Any of you who are new to their job and have not yet gotten a jpg picture of themselves to me for the PROMAX Brief magazine…tick tock people.

Condolences to former WSOC CSD SALLY GANZ whose father passed away over the weekend. 

Think About This:  "We are all visitors to this time, this place, just passing through to observe, learn, grow, love…Then we return home."   ~ Aboriginal proverb


July 23, 2012

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Miami is a hot town in more ways than one. The NBC station has added extra heat by promoting JOSE SUAREZ whose official title is Director of Creative Services and Programming.  Jose knows his way around Miami and environs – he’s from there.  Jose was Director of Local Programming before the new job and before that was EP of Miami NonStop, the 24 hour lifestyle and info channel. He’s currently wears many hats and wears them well. He’s been in front of the camera as a reporter in New Mexico, been News Director in San Angelo and Toledo, and has even been in charge of all the media platforms and digital media for Telemundo in the aforementioned Miami. Sounds like he’s got more energy than South Beach on a Saturday night. He’s even EPing the new Six in the Mix show at his station. I wonder if he’s a fan of Cuban coffee. A gigante Well Dunne! Jose.

Job Alert – writer producer at KING Seattle

Job Alert – Creative Services Writer/Producer/Editor KREM Spokane

Job Alert – Three Artists needed at Comcast SportsNet Houston: Graphic Designer, Sales, Designer/Animator and Junior Graphic Designer.

Ever notice how we describe those who have died? We talk about how they laughed, smiled and treated others. We never talk about how efficient they were with paperwork or if they paid their phone bill on time.

Think About This:  “Each of us is one lunatic away from death. Try to do something positive for someone else today.” ~ Mike Redding


July 20, 2012

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Here’s the 411 from the NBC station out in San Francisco. Yes, the physical station is in San Jose and not SF proper, but that’s splitting a geographical hair. Taking the top creative job at KNTV, known as NBC Bay Area, is WES RODDA, who had been doing news promotions for the Peacock. Mr. Wes spent time doing topicals at KGO, which IS in SF proper, before heading south to NBC. He cut his promo teeth down in Santa Barbara where he was a videographer and promo producer at both KCOY and KSBY. He’s definitely a California guy. Well Dunne! Wes.


Job Alert – Creative Services Director WCPO Cincinnati

Turner TV Everywhere equals backpack promotion deluxe. 


If you have obstacles in the way right now, it really means that innovation is at your fingertips. 

How will new media impact the fall season is the name of the Medialife article. Check it out. 

Think About This: “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it.”  ~  Margaret Fuller


July 19, 2012

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Having a waterside station is never a bad thing, imo. Makes things more scenic, and even a tad bit cooler during this torching summer. One such waterside locale is WAVY-TV, the NBC affiliate in the Hampton Roads coastal area of Virginia. Their CSD is the lovely and talented KRISTIN JOYAL, who was kind enough to share their new hire. Coming aboard as the new Community Affairs Coordinator / Producer is TONI WILLIAMS. I’ll turn the keyboard over to Kristin for the background on Ms. Toni: Toni has a strong background in public relations and marketing.  For the past six years she honed her skills at the Virginia Air & Space Center as a Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator.  Toni created press materials, coordinated promotional opportunities, organized events, managed social media campaigns, developed sponsorship/trade proposals and edited written materials. Additionally, Toni served as a Board Member of the Blackbeard Pirate Festival Committee and Downtown Hampton Development Partnership Marketing Committee.  The Tennessee native is a graduate of Old Dominion University where she majored in Communications.  Toni says she thrives on multi-tasking and is eager to put her skills to work in television.  Toni will start with us on Monday, July 23, 2012.  Well Dunne! Toni.

Job Alert – Senior Director Marketing X Games ESPN job 54713BR

Job Alert – Marketing Specialist HSN St. Petersburg, FL

Job Alert – Writer Producer WTOV Stuebenville OH

Job Alert – Graphic Designer-Comcast SportsNet Houston

Think About This: "I am what I am, so take me as I am!" ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


July 18, 2012

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It’s about 100 miles from Hartford, CT to Boston…not all that far to drive. One can even commute, although I can’t imagine the traffic on the I-84 to I-90 trip. Whatever, the trip is the next step in LOWELL BRIGGS career when he decamps his slot as CSD at NBC’s WVIT in Hartford to take the VP of Creative Services slot at FOX’s WFXT in Bean Town. Lowell is bringing a fabulous background, including in-depth research and news experience, from such markets as Raleigh, Birmingham and Boston itself, where Mr. B once worked at New England Cable News. He’s even worked as a VJ at CNN and been on-air as a reporter. Very Cool. The Kenyan College grad must surely know his way around Boston and will be hitting the ground running first part of August. A hearty Well Dunne! Lowell.

KNBC’s JEREMY  CLAYPOOL has a blog you must be reading … check it out blog.jeremyclaypool.com

Oops…this was earlier reported as KABC…my bad.

Is Breaking Bad the future of television watching? 


Think About This: "I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving."  ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


July 13, 2012

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Job Alert – WOFL in Orlando needs a  BROADCAST DESIGNER – (Regular Full Time / Orlando): Conceptualize and produce high-end news, promotional and sales/commercial motion graphics as well as web, social media and print graphics using a variety of platforms and software, including Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. 3D software such as Autodesk Maya or Maxon Cinema 4D. College degree in the graphics arts or college equivalent BAA or design degree. Must be a team player with strong communication skills and the have ability to manage many projects simultaneously. Must have the ability to work under tight deadlines and conceptualize creative ideas. Although experience in broadcast is preferred, an impressive multimedia or print portfolio displaying excellent design skills will be considered. Knowledge of general IT, social media, broadcast production and distributed rendering is a plus. Ability to attend station events as scheduled.    Read more: http://www.myfoxorlando.com/category/235616/work-for-us#ixzz20R8Ec2Y8

Job Alert – Sr. Director of Creative Services and Production WETA in DC

Job Alert – writer producer ABC Entertainment Group in LA

For those who want to live forever, and not be a vampire, a scientist says all you have to do is make it to 2042. Deets here

Got a techie who is hard to shop for? How about a fondue pot that works off a USB from the office? Much better choice than a machine sandwich.

Think About This:  “There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn’t true.  The other is to refuse to believe what is true.”  ~  Soren Kierkegaard

July 12, 2012

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WBTV CSD JOHN RICE is riding to raise funds for cancer again this year. He’s dedicated and this event is his third year (I’m pretty sure…could be 4th).  Check out John’s page – and if you have a few extra dollars that need a good place to go…well….

ANN EPSTEIN is the newest member of BE the Creative Source, JEFF BOORTZ’s NYC-based design focused company. Well Dunne! 

Clockwork VFX used The Force to introduce a new toy line that was on The Hub as webisodes. Very cool. Well Dunne! to the Dubai-based creatives and JASON TOMLINS, the Clockworks founder.

Talk about thinking outside the box (or coffin) check out the Walking Dead Escape, a hands-on (or actually you want to NOT have hands on you) experience at Comic Con. It’s not cheap to dodge real dead zombies ($75) but for $15 you can watch. All info is here.  Everything but the AMC logo….hmmmm….

NOBODY is more of a fan of JON HAMM’s looks than this writer. He’s even from St. Louis, which is more bonus points to add to that chiseled chin. However, those who hire him to do voiceover only really need to think again. His VO work is just barely adequate. The opinions expressed are mine and this is my blog, so deal with it. Kisses anyway, Jon.


Think About This: "Faith does not rely on knowing anything with certainty. It requires only the courage to accept that whatever happens is for the highest good.”   ~  Dan Millman


July 11, 2012

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Showtime has twice the marketing and advertising power now that they tapped co-heads of their Program Marketing and Advertising Departments. SUSAN FRANK and EMILY GOULD (pictured) are the two lucky talents. The ladies have been with Showtime for a while and have obviously done a great job. Susan has really wowed them with the Showtime ComicCon appearances. Well Dunne! twice.

Job Alert – Marketing Manager at WJAR in Rhode Island. 

Well Dunne! Talent is everywhere. KELLY PIDGEON is at the NC Coast but is recording nonetheless. His wife isn’t even unhappy about it. Yeah technology! 

Think About This:  “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”  ~  Thich Nhat Hanh


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Same great city…different office. CARRIE KING is a Chicago lady through and through and she’s switching offices in Chicago, decamping the Trib where she has been Regional Vice President Innovation & Imagination at Tribune Creative Group | Central U.S. Why is she leaving Trib, where she’s practically grown up handling such promo slots as CSD WGN America and Director of Creative Services for CLTV News? She’s the new VP of Creative Services at FOX WFLD and WPWR in the Windy City. She began today (but only if you are reading this on Monday July 9…otherwise, not so much). She’s got a real handle on Chicago, which is one of those unique markets that really does have their own way of thinking… and speaking. She’s studied at Lake Forest’s Barat College and at the amazing School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I know she lives on the northside, so let’s guess she’s a Cubs fan. She’s going to love working with Well Dunne!s NICK SANABRIA. Well Dunne! Carrie.

Job Alert – FOX Atlanta is looking or a talented writer producer…CSD JEFF ZELLMER would be a cool boss.

Job Alert – WNCT in Greenville, NC is hunting. Here’s the scoop:  WNCT 9 On Your Side and The CW of Eastern North Carolina are looking for a new Writer/Producer to join the stations Marketing Department. You’ll be writing, editing and shooting promos for both stations. We’re looking for someone who is driven to succeed and wants to be part of our growth. You should have non-linear editing experience; we use Adobe Premiere and the whole Creative Suite, which means we’re looking for someone ideally with the ability to use After Effects. Plus, you’ll even have your own editing system to use. We’re looking for someone with a good sense of humor who plays well with others and isn’t afraid to jump in and help. We produce a lot of spots and quality is the most important thing, we also have a lot of fun doing it, so the more well versed you are on Saturday Night Live references the better. Feel free to put one on your cover letter, no this isn’t a test, it’s just being creative.

Apply online or send resume to Human Resources, WNCT-TV, 3221 South Evans St, Greenville, NC 27834, fax to 252-355-8568, or email to HR@WNCT.com   EOE M/F/V/D Drug Screen and Background Check required.

Required Skills  Non-Linear editing skills, Adobe Premiere Creative Suite with After Effects and Photoshop.   Ability to shoot high quality video.  An ability to create interesting scripts with tight deadlines.  Being aggressive and a team player are highly desired.  Bachelor’s Degree in Communications or equivalent work experience.

Required Experience   This position requires a knowledge and understanding of television marketing and production techniques. The candidates should preferably have at least 2 years of producing background and previous background working in a TV station. At least 1 year of After Effects experience is desired as well.


Think About This:  “There is no such thing as a weird human being, It’s just that some people require more understanding than others.”   ~  Tom Robbins


July 9, 2012

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It’s a promotion, and a super one, for MICHELLE O’CONNOR up Milwaukee way. The hometown lady has been named Design Director at Hearst’s WISN, the ABC affiliate. The talented graphic artist has been an important contributor to the creative efforts ever since she started as an intern..27 years ago. That personifies commitment and an operation that values great talent. Michelle is working with CSD LAUREN RIDGLEY and her GM is former promo pro JAN WADE.  A super size Well Dunne! Michelle.

Moving in the monsoon season is really easier than it sounds, since monsoons in the deserts come and go quickly. Packing and unpacking is LINDA BAYLEY, who’s taking JIM HART’s former slot at Scripps’ ABC affil KNXV in Phoenix and heading up the creative department. She worked for a very long time pre-Hearst at KCRA in Sacto after graduating from University of Nebraska in Kearney. Add time with Magid and at Denver’s KMGH and then her latest CSD post at Gannett in the Cali capital.

Job Alert – Editor (Avid) at Discovery Job ID 6188

Job Alert – Manager of Interactive Design for ABC National TV Sales in NYC. Job 47596BR

Job Alert –  Producer / Editor at WHEC in Rochester. Here’s the deal:

WHEC-TV is seeking a creative leader with bold fresh ideas.  We need you to help guide our team with exceptional creative concepts and unique copy writing skills. Bring your talent and strategic thinking to help build a powerful brand while creating some of the industry’s coolest spots.   The ideal candidate will have a minimum of three years marketing and/or promotion experience.  Proficient in non-linear editing and shooting is a must.  Experience with graphics, visual effects, and Adobe creative programs, is a plus. Rochester, NY has it all and lands on every top ten list for best places to live.  Come find out why. 
Please go to
www.whec.com to see a detailed description of the Creative Services Producer/Editor opening.

Do we love the title:  Leadership Stupidity Has High Costs?  

Think About This:  “If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself.  If you want to eliminate all the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.  Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”  ~ Lao Tzu


July 6, 2012

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Kid’s net, The Hub, has chosen DENA KAPLAN to be their new Chief Marketing Officer. The BU grad will make the switch from her slot as SVP Marketing for the NFL Network. Other career pluses along the way for Dena include SVP of Marketing for GSN as well as Director of Ad Sales for Rainbow Advertising Group. Yes, she’ll stay in LA for the new assignment. Well Dunne! Dena.

Job Alert – Creative Writer Producer for MGM Networks Latin America, officing in Coral Gables. Española required.

Think About This:  "Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be a loving expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting. To children, to the poor, to all who suffer and are lonely, give always a happy smile. Give them not only your care, but your heart."  ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta


July 5, 2012

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Hope you had a happy 4th. So I can have a little time to paint and frolic, we have the very talented MARIAH GARDNER who graciously wrote about her experience in Vegas. Proving once again about things staying there doesn’t happen all that much…Anyway, take it away Ms. Mariah, who is pictured here with DAN FLAXER of WSAV/Savannah, ROBERT PIPPIN of WJBF / Augusta, JAMES RASCO of WVTM / Birmingham, BRETT KENYON of WJTV / Jackson, KATIE TOWNSEND of WHLT / Hattiesburg and our darling MARC MORRISTON of WNCT / Greenville NC. MARIAH is the one in the center. 

5 Lessons from the Promax BDA Station Summit

By Mariah Gardner

The second annual Promax BDA Station Summit, held June 26-29 in fabulous Las Vegas, proved to be another valuable learning and networking experience for many station marketing folks thanks to organizational efforts by the Promax BDA staff and their Station Summit Advisory Council. One creatively refreshed station Promotions and Marketing Manager shares a few of her takeaways from this year’s conference:

5.  We Love Swag (and Our Viewers Will Too)

Remember all the statistics from those dazzling PowerPoints the studios showed off during their presentations on Wednesday? Me neither. What I do remember is shaking hands with our reps, asking questions one-on-one, and getting some neat stuff to bring home to my market. Let’s be honest, swag is important. Whether you give it away to viewers or keep it on your desk, swag can fire up a good conversation about the show it’s promoting and help keep it top-of-mind. Thumbs up to Warner Bros and NBCUniversal Television Distribution for some of the most exciting and creative swag I encountered, like the prescription bottle of mints promoting House – definitely a great conversation piece. 

4.  Promo Time Has Value

When the economy tanks and everyone’s told they’re lucky just to have a job, it’s easy to let your sales department talk you into giving up some prime promotional real estate on your logs for the sake of making a much needed extra buck. Fold no more, promo people! Stand your ground – it’s the best possible thing for your station to self-promote on our favorite medium, which also happens to be the one most accessible to us. If anyone needed validation about this concept from network bigwigs, we got it with the “State of the Industry: A View from the Top By Broadcast’s Best” panel, which included NICK BELPERIO (Fox), SCOTT BLUMENTHAL (LIN Media), MARLA PROVENCIO (ABC Entertainment) and VALARI STAAB (NBC O&O).  Wonder if I could convince them to call my GSM… 

3.  Don’t Be Anti-Social

If you’re suffering from Facebook burnout, you’re not alone. However, if you’re not utilizing Facebook, Twitter and some of the other top social networking tools (Instagram, Pinterest) as much as you should, you could be missing out on big bucks and major viewer interaction. WXIA (Atlanta), WTMJ (Milwaukee), WVIT (Hartford) and KING5 (Seattle) were among the over-achieving social media marketers featured in the NBC Affiliate Marketing breakout session “Social Superstars”  and their success is inspiring. Featured speaker CORY BERGMAN from Lost Remote and Breaking News also touted the benefits of being a social-friendly station in his session “Tales from the Lost Remote Part Deux: Best Social Marketing Practices in Local Media.” In addition to driving viewers to your programs with live interaction online, broadcasters now have a new option for “second screen” experiences with products like ConnecTV, a sort of entrepreneurial peace offering from STACY JOLNA and others behind TiVo. The product looks to help reinvigorate a sense of urgency and excitement around live television viewing through real-time social interaction.

2.  Stand for Something

If you have the tools to convey a powerful message (as we all do), perhaps it’s a noble idea to use those tools and creativity to promote a charitable cause in your community.  Be part of something bigger than your normal routine.  Promax BDA lauds charitable station initiatives through their Just Cause Awards, with this year’s honors going to WTWC (Tallahassee), WBRC (Birmingham) and WEWS (Cleveland).  And if you weren’t inspired by keynote speaker MICK EBELING’s message about the power of creative innovation and invention, then either you weren’t paying attention or your heart still has room to grow three sizes. In conveying his story about collaborating on the invention of the EyeWriter, Ebeling made it clear that creative types have a unique ability to make the world a better place. We also have the perfect platform with which to initiate change, so what’s holding us back? Put your reservations aside and lead the charge to stand for something in your community. 

1.  We’re in the People Business

Isn’t it nice to put a face with the name of the person you’ve been emailing all year long? Getting a few days’ break from drowning in logs and our crazy daily routines to reconnect with our network marketing teams (you missed out this year, Fox!) and share ideas with our peers is supremely valuable.  Thanks to those who showcased their work. I still can’t get that “News Men of Fresno” song out of my head – a really fun spot by JIM GRAVINA and his team at KSEE. Wasn’t it also great to get a wake-up call from GRAEME NEWELL of 602 Communications about why we’re really here in his session “The 360 Station Brand”? We’re in the people business so why not put the very people we aim to serve each day in a spot or two instead of relentlessly shining the spotlight on ourselves? If it works for Walmart, maybe it will work for us, too. 

THINK ABOUT THIS:  "Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society." ~ John Adams


July 3, 2012

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From one state capital to another…GENE ROBINSON is saying adieu to California’s capital Sacramento and is heading to Arizona to head up the creative efforts of Meredith’s CBS affil, KPHO. He’s a California man through and through, from his degree from Cal State Sacramento to his long career at KCRA, where he began as Promotion Manager for then-owner Kelly Broadcasting’s The West. While there, Gene served as News Promo Manager, Assistant Creative Services Director and then as CSD. Hearst took over ownership somewhere along the way. For the last two years, Gene has been Director of the Television Communications Center for the California  Highway Patrol. CHiPs. No word on whether he has a motorcycle license or those cool boots Ponch and John wore on the show. Anyway, it’s great news and a big Well Dunne! to Gene. The welcome matt is out for you in the Valley of the Sun.

Happy birthday to the one and only SHORTY BACON. 

PETE BARRETT gets our best wishes for a speedy ‘back on your feet’ – he’s getting his knee operated on today and no doubt will be back better than new. 

Job Alert – Creative Services Director for KFMB, San Diego

Think About This:  ““Believe and you’re halfway there.”  ~ Harry S. Truman


July 2, 2012

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Let’s catch up with a new hire made at WAVY over a month ago, and got overlooked with all the PROMAX excitement, high temps and what seems like a speeded up time frame. How can it be July already. But let’s forget all that and welcome MIKE NEWMAN to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. He’s onboard and working hard for CSD KRISTIN JOYAL. He’s came from another Atlantic-side market, Greenville, NC where he was Sr. Promo Producer for WITN, Gray’s NBC affiliate. Before he did promo, he was a morning director. Ms. Joyal says he can do it all – shoot, write, edit and design graphics. They’re thrilled he’s on board. Well Dunne Mike!


Job Alert – Director of Marketing and Community relations WBIR in Knoxville, TN

Job Alert – Commercial Producer KBZK Bozeman Montana

Think About This: “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most – to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”  ~ Audrey Hepburn


More Vegas fun remembered

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 MARC MORRISTON on WNCT in Greenville NC and JON TRESSEL of Charlotte hanging in Vegas. Literally. Can NOT get the image to right itself and have done ALL the things my graphics guy has told me.

And the winners are….

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…just a click away. Hint before you click: The top winners overall include Tribune Creative Group; WOAI-TV; WGN-TV; Bell Media; FOX 50; and NY1 News.  The top studio or station winners include WOAI-TV; WGN-TV; and FOX 50

The Just Cause Award recipients include WTWC NBC40 for "Thank You" PSA Campaign for United Way of The Big Bend (SMALL MARKET); WBRC-TV for Do Dah Day 2011 (MEDIUM MARKET); and WEWS NewsChannel5 for Building Better Neighborhoods (LARGE MARKET).

June 28, 2012

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ANDREW MCGUIRE has done the Impossible. Well, something like that anyway. He’s actually joined Impossible TV as the new Creative Director of the brand building entity.  The Oral Roberts U grad is best known for his digital art direction when he was Senior Art Director for Saatchi & Saatchi’s prestigious Team One. Why he just won the Mobile Lion Award for work he did for Lexus TORI 500 racing game. Andrew sounds like a real go-getter with a lot of talent. It’s what his new boss, JOEL PILGER, thinks for sure. Well Dunne! Andrew.

When STEPHEN ARNOLD says “this is the place”, he’s not doing a geography lesson. He’s telling you about his new local TV station music package. Click here and learn more.  

 Well this is quite the weather advancement. An App that will let you know exact weather for your road trip. Very Route 66 high tech of them.


Think About This: "Be careful of your actions. You never know when you’re creating a memory.” ~ Ricki Lee Jones


Bonnie Barclay of Chyron

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God bless the fine folks at Chyron. They sponsored lunch today at the PROMAX Summit, no doubt sure of the fact the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! Kudos to the one and only BONNIE BARCLAY, shown here.