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Wednesday September 28, 2011

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Been so slammed, just now getting around to the updates from NBC’s KXAS in Dallas. Thanks to VP Creative GARY WANN for this:

We’ve been hard at work this summer looking for the right people to bring on to our team, and it’s paid off. MATT HOPKINS comes to the NBC5 Marketing Department as Senior Designer. Matt was already in house with the NBC Owned Artworks, the station groups internal resource for News and other graphics. ARUS MANNING now has to drive 5 minutes longer than usual to work, leaving CBS’s KTVT and my good pal DAVID HERSHEY… who made me buy him lunch after Arus made the jump. Arus was a designer and wanted to stretch his creative muscles, joining us as a Promo Producer/Editor. Arus and I worked together at the big 1-1 before I made my way to KPRC in Houston. JOEY FRANCKS, a former CSD and long time producer, comes to Dallas from KTEN in Sherman-Dennison as our Prime-Time Promotion Producer. ADRIN DOMINGUEZ won’t even have to leave his edit bay! Adrian joins us from our sister station KXTX Telemundo as Promo Shooter/Editor. The kind folks from CH 39 are letting us do some office swapping so that Adrian can keep his current digs.

Well Dunne! Matt, Arus, Joey Adrin and a big thanks to Gary for sharing.

Job Alert – Des Moines’ CBS affil KCCI rarely ever has an opening. Yeah, one of those places…a super operation. Anyway, there’s an opening now for someone to direct newscasts. You know – take camera 3, etc. The whole point is if you know of someone who would want to be part of the kind of station we wish they all are…seek out CSD and Ops man NICK ALLARD and he’ll take it from there. 

Think About This: What if you, like the Buddha Siddhartha, suddenly realized that the whole world you’d invested in was no more than a lovely theatrical stage meant to distract your from true life? What then? Would you, like Jim Carey in ‘The Truman Show” have the courage to walk off the set? Or like Keanu Reeves in ‘The Matrix’ swallow the blue pill?" 
~Regina Sara Ryan