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April 19, 2011

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Who doesn’t love Orlando and all the fun magic you can experience thanks to Mickey and Universal? Obviously, CRAIG FLEMING’s family had a great time. And now they’ll be able to repeat more of the same when they settle into central Florida. Craig has taken the slot of Promotion Manager at Cox’s ABC affil WFTV and Indie WRDQ. He starts May 9th, and is leaving behind his slot at FOX NYC where he’s been doing great marketing for uber-creative CSD BRIAN BLUM. Craig is an Indiana State grad who has worked doing promos for Comcast and CN8. He started off at KDKA. The Flemings have family and friends in Florida so the whole brood is happy and excited. Craig is going to be working with wonderful CSD BOB ST CHARLES. Well Dunne! Craig.

Trading in a freelance position for a staff one is ALLISON BENNETT, newly named Director of Corporate Communications and Media Relations for Crown Media Networks, which most of us know as Hallmarks two channels. The University of California Santa Barbara grad (note – what a great location for a school) is New York based and has been doing PR for TV Guide as well as handling being Director of Media Relations for Oxygen. Well Dunne! Allison.

Job  Alert – KGAN/KFXA in Cedar Rapids needs a Sr. Promo Producer.

Job Alert – HGTV in Knoxville needs a creative writer producer.

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