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September 13, 2018

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A cousin who was an emergency room nurse for years had a saying: the gates are wide open. Like most Irish first daughters, the family uses humor to blunt the pain of real life, When she announced the gates were open, she meant the Pearly Gates and she meant that people were leaving the planet fin droves or heaven. Sadly, the gates are open again at the moment. Please send your kind thoughts to KCPQ’s SYDNEY RUBIN whose mother has left us. And please send your kind thoughts to WHNT’s BECKY SHORES whose mother also has left. Both of these talented women are caring and generous. Bless them. Their mothers raised two amazing ladies and I know their mothers are proud of them beyond words.

Think About This:  I am your mother. You are my child. I am your quiet place. You are my wild. I am your calm face. You are my giggle. I am your wait. You are my wiggle. I am your dinner. You are my chocolate cake. I am your bedtime. You are my wide awake. I am your lullaby. You are my peek-a-boo. I am your goodnight kiss. You are my I love you.

March 19, 2014

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Love the Brits (and Irish, Scots and Welsh) when they use the word ‘brilliant’. It always makes the description more alive and exciting. So when WHNT’s CSD BECKY SHORES described her new producer/shooter/editor in such a term, I knew it was someone to keep one’s eye upon. Welcome to the world of entertainment marketing SAM LOTT. Ms. Becky found him in her own newsroom where the University of North Alabama grad was doing special projects. He also directed, filmed and edited a music video for indie group The Grenadines – Dejelo Solo. Looking to see what excitement Sam cooks up at the Huntsville CBS affiliate. Well Dunne! Sam.

Job Alert – On-Air Promotion Manager WJAC Johnstown PA

This is worth the click….6 Principles To Guide Your Hiring

Think About This:  “"Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them, you reach your destiny."   ~  Carl Schurz

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October 26, 2010

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BECKY SHORES has the best laugh. It just makes you feel good to hear it. Which means the folks at CBS affil WHNT in Huntsville are in for some great times – Becky is the new Creative Services Manager at the WHNT, the Local TV owned operation in The Rocket City. Becky is no stranger to the market…she lives there and was once CSD at NBC affil WAFF. The Iowa native seems very much at home and happy in the south. She’s a grad of Univ of Northern Iowa and has worked in Augusta GA as well as WOI in Des Moines. Well Dunne! Becky!

Let’s raise our glasses (or coffee mugs if you will) to celebrate the recent wedding of KEVIN GORYL to the lovely Sara. Kevin is CSD at WXIX in Cincinatti. Wonderful news, Kevin!

Know what whipped lightening is? It’s an idea we all should have had!

Think About This: "When we find ourselves looking at the world and saying, ‘There’s nothing out there for me,’ we should probably also look into our hearts and ask, ‘If there’s nothing out there, is there anything in here?’ We need to examine our inner dialogue to discover where we might be blocking the conscious energy flow, then remove the ego, step out of the way, and let the fire of the soul shine through us." ~ Deepak Chopra