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March 5, 2013

Mar 4, 2013 by     Comments Off on March 5, 2013    Posted under: Featured

It’s a promotion for BRANDON SEIER, who traded his Promotion Manager title for Marketing Director at  Richmond’s WWBT, NBC in the Virginia capital. Brandon had his hands full with snow warnings but sounded very happy. Well Dunne! Brandon.

Ouch ouch ouch…poor BILL CASTELLO. He fractured his pelvis and is in the hospital instead of his office at KWKT, Fox in Waco, TX where he is the Creative Services Manager. Send him get well wishes via his facebook page or – such an idea – send him a real card in the mail. Here’s to fast, painless healing, Bill.


Job Alert – CSD WIAT Birmingham

Looking for a fun book? Pick up former freelance writer NOELA HUESO’The Art of the Croods. Noela reinvented herself, as only a talented writer can do, and her book is totally delightful. 


Think About This:  "A half-lived life, as Herman Melville describes it, is one in which we do not get to that inner place of peace and joy. Perhaps the most devastating scenario imaginable is to face death knowing that because of some imagined fear, you have always chosen a half-lived life in which you avoided doing the things your heart beckoned you to do. I urge you to change the scenario now. Start living your life with the courage to follow your heart.”  ~ Wayne Dyer