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October 31, 2012

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BRIAN ZIETH is one of those guys who makes one believe in The Dream.  And hard work, but that goes without saying. Wisconsin native Brian, who lives and breathes Green Bay Packers, decided that when he got his diploma in Broadcast Communications (from University of Wisconsin – Green Bay of course) he would decamp the cold and find a slot in Florida. So he took a paid Internship at Orlando’s WOFL and worked his way up the ladder. He ran studio cam, coordinated promotions and ended up as Sr. Writer Producer for my fave CSD CHRIS FRIEDRICHS. Brian credits Chris with teaching him all the in’s and out’s, and now Mr. Z is working as a promo producer for original programs at The Golf Channel.  He misses the good folks at WOFL, but he now doesn’t have to commute on I-4, which is a job perk. A great big Well Dunne! to Brian.

Job Alert – WOFL in Orlando needs a muy creative writer producer. Work for CHRIS FRIEDRICHS and avoid winter. Win-win.

Think About This: “For light I go directly to the Source of light, not to any of the reflections. Also I make it possible for more light to come to me by living up to the highest light I have. You cannot mistake light coming from the Source, for it comes with complete understanding so that you can explain it and discuss it. I recommend that way to all who can take it."  ~ Peace Pilgrim