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January 31, 2012

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JIM WINDSOR spent the weekend getting his new office in shape. A super way to spend time for the new Promotion Director at WKEF ABC/FOX in Dayton. O-hi-O. Jim’s an absolutely super guy who has a real knack for strategy. The University of Wisconsin-Madison grad was CSD at WITN in Milwaukee for 7+ years and then scooted down to help out WMAQ  in Chicago. He earned his promo stripes at WITI Milwaukee FOX and also sharpened his talents as Writer Producer at KHTV in Houston as well as WNDU in South Bend.  Dayton is going to love him! Ya gotta love a guy named after a royal castle. Well Dunne! Jim.

In keeping with the Sports-themed week, time is now to enter the Cynopsis  Sports Awards. Read all about ‘em here. Shout out to former PROMAXer CHRIS PURSELL who wrangles this wonderful sports-entertainent publication from the good folks at Cynopsis. 

Is it me or does it seem like an odd idea to play the muy expensive SuperBowl spots before the SuperBowl? Just thinking out loud….

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May 10, 2011

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Talk about a good sport…more than golf claps please for CHRIS PURSELL, who has taken the terrific gig of Managing Editor of Sports for Cynthia Turner’s media empire. His informative and well put together email is perfect to go with some coffee every morning. Chris used to be with PROMAX and deserves a Well Dunne! as well as two extra points.

AMC is so hot, what with The Killing, Mad Men, Breaking Bad…and MARNIE BLACK has a hot new job…she’s the new SVP of PR for them, dealing with consumer press. She was doing her own thing PR-wise. The Barnard grad, NYC based of course, has also been SVP of Communications at MTV Networks. Well Dunne! Marnie!

Job Alert – VP of Marketing for the NFL Network in Culver City.

Anybody else find it…uh…interesting that of the top 10 highest paid American CEO’s, no less than six (!) were media toppers?  Specifically, Jeff Bewks of Time Warner @$26.1mil, Robert Iger of Disney @$28mil, Brian Roberts of Comcast @31mil, Zaslav of Discovery @ $42.6mil, Les Moonves of CBS @$56.9mil and Phillipe Dauman of Viacom coming out on top @$84.5mil. But remember, it’s not all just a paycheck on Friday. It’s a combination of perks, bonuses, preferred interest rates and stock stuff. Ohhhhkay.

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July 7, 2010

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CHRIS PURSELL is one of those great guys who juggles many many tasks and never loses that fun take on things. Most of you know him from his PROMAXbda work – he was VP of Content Innovation, making all the daily Briefs exciting, etc. Before he came to PROMAXbda, he was doing that editing thing for TelevisionWeek and was VP of Media Relations for Sony Pictures TV. Well, Chris is now hard at work in his newest endeavor – he’s a partner at Riza Marketing, where he’s doing digital content/social media, building active communities for entertainment brands, creating brand ambassadors and driving audience tune-in via digital platforms. Yep, he just started and he’s nabbed a couple shows already. Yahoo! Great and a huge Well Dunne! to you Chris.

Sad news from LA about the passing of veteran TV PR pro ELLIOT FISCHOFF, who was over at  Rogers & Cowan. His obit is in The Hollywood Reporter. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/television/news/e3i2ad42caf9a6c4e912bf22ce1ed94e94b

Attention problems are brought on by…video games and TV? Well, yeah.

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April 16, 2010

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BOB SALAZAR is adding some comedy to his life. He’s heading to Comedy Central as SVP/Creative Director, Brand Creative. Cool. The Syracuse grad makes the transition within the family, coming over from Spike where he was VP Creative Director. The NYC based Bob has also been VP Brand Image at Lifetime and was a Sr. Art Director at HBO. Well Dunne! Bob.

Getting a promotion at Spike TV is NIELS SCHUURMANS, now an EVP upped from SVP of the Branding and Creative. Niels has also been SVP or Creative at Nickelodeon. Well Dunne!

Have you all checked out the latest edition of PROMAX Brief? Hot hot hot. Tip of the hat to CHRIS PURSELL who wrangles this and also moderated an all-star article about social media, publicity and all that.

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: “Faith does not rely on knowing anything with certainty. It requires only the courage to accept that whatever happens is for the highest good.” ~ Dan Millman