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April 26, 2017

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CORY has a winner. Not the title of a horse race movie…but the reality of CORY McRAE after his search for an Assistant Creative Services Director for his WXII TV.   That’s Hearst’s NBC affil in the Winston-Salem market, which includes High Point, home to furniture. The talented lady who has joined him is SHELLEY BOHNING. She’s a delight. Shelley is coming over from FOX in that market. She’s a TV lady who also has production house experience. Enthusiastic, talented and already hard at work…what a great hire. Well Dunne! Shelley.

On the Soapbox – (stop reading now if you don’t want an opinion, unsolicited as it is). WHAT is going on with a return to BAD ANNOUNCING that is seeping into network promos? Show of hands…do you know what a ‘puker’ is…it’s a Ted Baxter-like read that is considered a step above ___. And puking is happening – hurts your ears. Can’t imagine it helping with tune-in. Is this something that is a ‘thing’ (thank you JOHN OLIVER) or perhaps some tragic hipster irony that isn’t working? Thank you for listening. Carry on.

Think About This: “When you really pay attention, everything is your teacher.”  ~ Ezra Bayda

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Friday February 18, 2011

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Jackson, Mississippi is not only the capital of the Magnolia State, it’s the new home of SCYLLA LOPEZ. For those (me included) who need a little clue, Scylla is pronounced Sheila. Definitely a sign that she has a very creative streak. And she’ll put that to good use as the topical producer at Hearst’s WAPT, the ABC affiliate in Jackson. The former anchor reporter is going to be on the fun side of the news now, after being in front of the camera at KZTV in Corpus and KAVU in Victoria, both Texas, ma’am.  Mrs. Lopez finds herself in Jackson due to her hubby’s job – they moved from Omaha, where she was doing social marketing. CSD CORY MCCRAE is thrilled. Well Dunne! Scylla.

Well Dunne Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE is going to be one of the pros talking about the world of VO.  It’s all part of The Conclave series. Info

Can the Olympics and other sports be a thing of the past for NBC?

Think About This:  "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind." ~ William James