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August 26, 2013

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Columbia, SC is the state capital as well as home to USC, which in this case is not University of Southern California but University of South Carolina. Bet you didn’t know the city was the site of the largest children’s museum in the south. Now you know. It’s also the new home of COURTNEY MCCALLUM, the new Marketing Director at WLTX, Gannett’s CBS affiliate. She’s made the switch from historic Macon, GA where she went to school and worked writing and producing promos at Gannett’s WMAZ. Big Well Dunne! Courtney.

Job Alert – writer producer On-Air Promos FX Networks  LA

Job Alert – Marketing Promotions Writer Producer WMAZ Macon GA

Short week…so let’s make the best of it. Think About This: "Only when the brain is confronted with stimuli that it has not encountered before does it start to reorganize perception. The surest way to provoke the imagination, then, is to seek out environments you have no experience with."    ~  Gregory Burns