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November 5, 2015

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The South has a wonderful way about it (let’s leave politics alone on this one…) and even in an El Nino winter, a delightful weather to it. As a friend recently said, she kept south of the Mason Dixon line. Seems that DAVID STOTTS is one of those southern guys, and he’s now back in Richmond, Virginia’s capital. Can’t get any more Southern than that, even for a guy born in Chicago. David has taken the Director of Marketing slot at Tribune’s WTVR, a CBS affiliate. He’s coming from San Antonio, deep in the heart of Texas, where he was doing video for the San Antonion Spurs and before that, heading up creative for WOAI. The Stotts famille were in Memphis at the Fox affil there and he has degrees from U of Memphis and Middle Tennessee U. I hope the new southern neighbors in Richmond bring them orange rolls and promise to watch WTVR. A southern Well Dunne! David.

Job Alert – Promotion Manager WHIO Dayton

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WRC4 Washington DC job29294BR

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March 7, 2013

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GABRIEL REDONDO is one of those lucky guys who was born, raised and now works in one of America’s most amazing locales – San Antonio TX. He’s been at NBC affil WOAI (which is on the river, btw…a very cool spot in the Spurs’  hometown) as part of their creative effort, and is now going to head up the department. He has his broadcasting degree from Texas State University at San Marcus, noted for LBJ’s alma mater. San Marcus is also noted for the amazing outlet mall. Just sayin. Well Dunne! Gabriel.

Speaking of WOAI, let’s hear it for former CSD DAVID STOTTS who has gone to work for the NBA San Antonio Spurs. Well Dunne! David.

Miami’s 2C Media is smokin’ hot. They just finished a project for The Weather Channel. It’s all the promos for the new show Hacking the Planet . The promos highlighted both hand drawn animation with 2D and 3D illustrations.  2C Prez CHRIS SLOAN has been having a very creative year. Well Dunne!

Sometimes, its good to go over the basics of what one is doing, and this Project Management article is quick, easy and worth the time. 

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July 21, 2010

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Topical promotion is a real art. You have to mix creativity with a major time crunch and news room people skills and do it over and over daily. It can be the most fun spot of all. Such is the case with the new Topical producer for NBC affil WOAI in the Alamo City, San Antonio. Texan BRIAN HAWES is now so close to the Alamo, he can stroll over if he wants. Of course, he has no time, since he’s doing Topicals. Well Dunne! Brian. And a shout out to CSD DAVID STOTTS who is looking forward to moving into his new house.

The moisture in arid Phoenix the other day was KPHO CSD MATT HYATT’s tears. He’s saying goodbye to TIFFANY WOODRUFF-HUBLER, his Promotion Manager. She’s been at the station for about 10  years and is going to make a switch – heading over the Scottsdale and a new job with GoDaddy. Yes, her slot is open and not only would you get to work with Matt, one of my faves and a St. Louis native to boot, but also an incredible Art Director CHRIS AYRES. Sorry Matt, but Well Dunne! Tiffany.

Now THIS is the way to travel. Hate packing? Yeah, not the best part of the trip. Put it in the hands of click here. 

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May 18, 2010

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Got hold of the new Director of Creative Services at WOAI TV in San Antonio. DAVID STOTTS checked in from Memphis, where for the last 10 years, he’s headed up the award-winning efforts as Promotion Manager at the FOX affil, WHBQ.  Born in Chicago but spending a lot of his growing up years in central Tennessee, David has an Advertising degree from Middle Tennessee U and a Masters in Communications from University of Memphis. He’s worked at the PBS affil in Memphis, too.  He’ll be moving to SA with his wife, 5 year old, 7 year old as well as one dog and one cat. They’re all gonna love it! Don’t forget to stay in touch, David! Well Dunne!

KKTV in Colorado Springs is not going to fill their vacant CSD slot. But they are in the process of finding a writer producer. That’s the latest.

Snaps to The Hallmark Channel’s new partnership. To promote the upcoming You Lucky Dog, a made-for starring Harry Hamlin, Hallmark and Best Friends Animal Society “have shaken paws” on an adoption option push to make sure lots of dogs find loving homes. Ahhh…excellent.

Check it out…the new NBC show promos, which Nikki Finke is kind enough to direct us all towards. Click and see what the good folks at the Peacock Net have come up with.

For those Seinfeld fans who were so blown away by the Soup Nazi’s offerings…heads up. You don’t have to be in NYC to get the delicious offerings…you can mail order. Details here. Oh, you DO have to be in NYC to be treated badly by him. So maybe mail order is the best of all worlds here.

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May 17, 2010

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San Antonio’s WOAI, the NBC affil, just announced that DAVID STOTTS is going to be the new head of creative for them. He starts June 7, but nobody knows where he’s coming from. (Note – do we really know where any of us are coming from? Hmmm) And when researching David Stotts, would you believe there are more than one with a TV background? What are the chances?! So until I hear from one or more of the TV David Stotts’, I won’t have more info than that. Except WOAI is off the list and I’ve learned that David Stotts is not as unusual a name as I had thought. Well Dunne! to the guy going into WOAI. And CALL.

ALEX WEPRIN has a great new slot – Co-Editor of TVNewser as well as Editor of WebNewser at mediabistro.com  Comes over from Broadcasting & Cable. All in NYC, of course.  And all very Well Dunne!

PROMAX just posted the finalists for the Gold…check out who’s tearin’ it up in the competition.

Going to PROMAX? Many can’t, so that’s why Well Dunne! will be live blogging. Yes indeed. Great fun and informative, too. With pictures all day long as well. Put in on your calendar. Go on. We can wait for you….

All you creatives….getting enough sleep? No? Well, that’s going to hurt your creativity. Yes, sleep is a must. Read all bout it here.

AD AGE says that the consumer being in charge of making spots is O-V-E-R. And not a nano-second too soon.

All the dustup over Facebook. You gonna sign off or just find a way to deal? Here’s one take on it.

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