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March 6, 2015

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Yesterday was not a good day for planes. But it was a good day for promo pro KATHY SOIFER. She’s alive to tell about the time her plane, from Atlanta into LaGuardia, skidded on the ice on the runway and nearly went into Flushing Bay. Yes, that plane..the one on the news. Temperatures at the time were below freezing. No electric in the plane…no PA system. The stewardesses had megaphones, but it was nearly impossible to hear anything. The other emergency exits and slides weren’t working. Kathy was able to climb out of an emergency window (which in itself takes guts, not to mention flexibility) after the plane crashed into a big wire fence. She wasn’t sure if they were on land or in the water. No coat…no carry ons…nothing but survival happening. She was on the wing and slid down where men caught her. What a story. So much to be thankful for. Kathy knows a wide circle of professionals from her work as VP of Promo at Atlanta’s Fox5 as well as her work at WABC. Not only does this lady deserve a gold star for being so courageous….but a huge Well Dunne! for being OK after that adventure. God bless ya Kathy.

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