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November 17, 2010

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DREW FIELD…is that the perfect name for a Graphic Artist? Why yes…Drew and art/graphics…think about it… the perfect match. We bring it up because Drew is the new Graphic Artist at Pittsburgh’s CBS’s KDKA. He’s moving 243 miles west from Harrisburg, where he was doing that graphics thing at CBS affil WHP. Thanks to the charming TINA VEON, CSD at KDKA, for the heads up. Well Dunne! Drew.

Congrats on the promotion out at LA’s trailer house Trailer Park, where DREW PLATT is the newest member of the VP club. His official title is VP, Producer Theatrical. The Tulane grad has an MBA from Southampton College of Long Island University and has worked at Warner’s doing publicity.

No, the fact that the post would be about two Drews was in no way planned or expected.

What can the Rolling Stones teach corporate America about managing partnerships? Quite a lot, actually, since Mick and Keith have been able to keep that whole Stones thing going – successfully – for quite sometime now. Check it out, loves.

Think About This: “Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance." -St. Francis of Assisi