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March 18, 2010

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Bravo for the Promotion Patrol. It last checked into SF’s FOX affil, KTVU, where it tapped ERIC GROSS on the shoulder. Now Eric is Design  Director! It’s his first time at the helm of the Art Department, and he got the boot upstairs after five years as Senior Designer at the Cox-owned market leader.  He’s been creative at WSB in Atlanta and WAXN/WSOC in Charlotte before heading west to the Golden Gate. He’s a grad of State U of NY, New Platz and most recently, he received his US Sailings Keelboat Certification. Yep, he has sailing the open seas on his Bucket List. Well Dunne! Eric. Thanks to CSD JEFF HOLUB for the good info.

If you’re slated for the Waldorf on May 17 to attend the Peabody Awards, look for the lovely DIANE SAWYER to host. Or is that hostess?

Canoe in NYC is hiring. If interactive TV advertising floats your boat, they might be your lifesaver.

American ad agencies look longingly at the great work done by agencies in Great Britain. The NYT’s says British ads are better for three reasons. Check out what those three reasons are.

Think About This: "Here is a central tenet of the New Spirituality: the purpose-and the greatest opportunity and gift–of life is to recreate yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who You Are. And you can do this in every single golden moment of Now. The time of your transformation is at hand. It is always at hand." ~ Neale Donald Walsch