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March 29, 2019

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Most business travel while heading up creative, programming and other TV endeavors isn’t very exciting. I mean, Vegas for Promax doesn’t even warrant a ‘meh’. But ERIK CANDIANI has managed to not only get out of the office; he’s headed to Georgia. Not the state…nope. To the Georgia that’s 5,860 miles from his desk as Marketing Director for WWBT, NBC in Richmond, VA. The Georgia that’s off the Black Sea and northeast of Turkey. Tbilisi is the target and the capital as well. It’s a special trip put together by the State Department and Eric is going to get to help out the marketing for one of the TV stations (or networks…sorry not sure what the country of Georgia calls their broadcast outlets). Not too shabby as they say. He’ll be at TV Pirvelli and have his own interpreter. No doubt he’ll have some very insightful stories about their operations and marketing when he gets back. Have a blast and Well Dunne! Erik.

Job Alert – Host/Producer Sales KAUZ Wichita Falls

Job Alert – Marketing Director  KPNX Phoenix

Think About This: “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”  ~  Bob Marley

October 2, 2018

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Richmond, Virginia’s WWBT, NBC, has a new Manager of Audience Development. ASHLY RICHARDS has been in her new office since Sept 24. She started her TV career in Richmond as the research director and marketing associate for WRLH, the FOX affil, before going to the CW in Virginia’s capital where she handled social media and special projects. She elevated the CW Richmond Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to rank among the most “liked” CW affiliate social media pages in the country. Ashly also coordinated and helped manage all CW Richmond sponsored-events including Virginia Comicon and Wizard World. She wrangles three children under six which is amazing in and of itself.  Talk about a together lady. And, she’s been on the job while her CSD ERIK CANDIANI has been on another of his memory-making vacations. Well Dunne! Ashly.

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer KXAN Austin

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer / Director KERO Bakersfield

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April 5, 2018

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Adventures come in all sizes and shapes…and they present themselves at times when we sometimes don’t expect them. Enter attitude. With the right attitude, they become life changing and joy producing. Yeah, that does sound a little over the top, but it’s actually true. ERIK CANDIANI has the right positive attitude as he embraces a new adventure that sees his family become trés modern. Bi-coastal actually. Mr. C is headed from the west coast to the east coast. Adieu VP Creative at KTVU in the Bay Area and Aloha to Raycom’s NBC affil WWBT in Richmond, VA. GM KYM GRINNAGE and he got along, to quote Forrest Gump, like peas and carrots, which leads to ERIK’s new role wrangling the creative staff in the city where they know the value of southern hospitality. He’s been CSD or VP Creative in Minneapolis and Denver plus was at KTLA in LA as well as KOVR in Sacramento. This will be an adventure – east of the Mississippi. Erik is a writer who turns out screenplays and has more energy than one can summon on a normal day. Great to hear it’s all going to be magnolia-covered and happy as soon as he drives all the way across the country. Now THAT is how you get the pulse of what’s going on. Huge Well Dunne! Erik.

Job Alert – VP Director of Brand and Digital Development  WTIC Hartford

Job Alert – CSD WNCN Raleigh

Think About This:  “Thre is no certainty; there is only adventure.”  ~  Roberto Assagioli

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August 16, 2017

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The yin and yang of life…balance always seeking to right itself. Up-down. High-low. Hot-cold. One talented writer producer is doing the yin and yang to perfection, and it’s a wonderful thing. KRISTEN TWELE is heading to Orlando where she’ll be adding her talent to the creative services pool headed by CSD KYM PEOPLES at WKMG, the Graham CBS in the Big O. That’s the hot part. The cold part is Denver, where she has been promoting at KDVR, the Fox affil. The Memphis bred Kristen has worked in the south before – at Fox affil WBRC in Birmingham. She interned at WMC in her hometown. Best of luck to Kristen on her new adventure. Let’s all give her a Well Dunne!


STEPHEN ARNOLD not only has the best hair in the business (he’s been told that in person – he shyly smiles…) but now the music man working with his CSD CHAD COOK has a new campaign called Ready. Pictures are worth a thousand words….check it out yourself.


Tuesday was a great day for KTVU’s ERIK CANDIANI. He loves films…loves writing even more. And Tuesday his screenplay Tribal got not one but two kudos…it was just named a Quarterfinalist in the 2017 BlueCat Screenplay contest and a Semifinalist in the PAGE Awards. Well Dunne! Erik. You can ask him about the script…it sounds very exciting. And we thought Tuesday was only exciting because of the tacos…


Think About This: “A well developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.”  ~  William Arthur Ward


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Graphics are the icing on the promo cupcake. Art is any form is a gift – a talent – and even now an IT skill deluxe. When ERIK CANDIANI, head creative honcho at FOX’s KTVU in the Bay Area (San Francisco-Oakland TV market for the Argentine readers) went on the hunt for a new graphics pro, he had a high bar and great expectations (Charles Dickens reference noted). He’s thrilled at the new hire he made: LISA RUIZ. Even better, he’s worked with her before when they were both at CBS in Sacramento, KOVR.  Lisa is a FITM grad (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA) who has had some of the most interesting jobs, like being a design consultant for Jane Seymour Handbags…in Malibu no less. She’s done art for public television in Napa, freelanced and worked with the Madison Square Garden Company where she honed Photoshop skills. Now she’s bringing energy and excitement to the whole KTVU creative team. Just in time for Christmas. Well Dunne! Lisa.

Job Alert – Marketing Manager KUSA Denver

Think About This“In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians called it ‘Christmas’ and went to church; the Jews called it ‘Hanukkah’ and went to synagogue; the atheists went to parties and drank. People passing each other on the street would say ‘Merry Christmas!’ or ‘Happy Hanukkah!’ or (to the atheists) ‘Look out for the wall!”  ~ Dave Barry


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May 13, 2016

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Let’s not let a Friday the 13th take us off a positive course. It’s TGIF afterall, with the most glorious of months at our fingertips. 

Out in San Francisco and Oakland, Fox affil KTVU CSD ERIK CANDIANI is like the former TV character Paladin, also headquartered in SF. Paladin would be ready to go when he had a great set of cards dealt to him…full hand so to speak. Erik is ready to go with a full creative hand, now that he’s got these three new folks. First off, there’s former WLS Chicago’s MATT DE KEYSER doing Graphic Design and 3D Design. Matt’s been in New Orleans at WDSU and  Milwaukee at WDJT. KOVR’s loss is  JOHNNY ROMAN who’s now producing for former KOVRer Erik. And handling the Senior Writer Producer duties is new-to-affiliate-TV-marketing guy JIMMY DIEBOLD whose creative passport has been stamped from New York to Dubai and points exotic. He’s gonna bring that national-look to the already national-look work KTVU is generating. A triple Well Dunne! to the gang.

It’s a boy! for WISN Milwaukee promo producer DAN COAD and his lovely wife. All wrapped up in blue and joy…what a lovely event. Well Dunne! to all involved.

Job Alert – Topical Promotions producer WKRN Nashville

WKRN in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee has an immediate opening for a news topical promotion writer/producer/editor to join our team. This position requires a candidate willing to work the evening shift.Must work closely with the Creative Services Director and Newsroom staff to conceive, write, produce and edit compelling news topicals that air on-air and online. Collaborate with and maintain close relationships with all newsroom Producers, Managers and Executive Producers, Talent, and Production Crew in creating news topicals. Responsible for the timely delivery of creative product. Transmits all finished product to multiple outlets as directed. Projects will include daily news topical promotion, proof of brand, as well as web and social drivers.Quickly recognize and defend highly promotable news topics. Help manage and maintain promotional inventory and traffic logs. Other duties as assigned by Director of Creative Services. For consideration: Send resume, DVD or link and cover letter to: WKRN-TV; Attn: Human Resources, 441 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, TN 37210 M/F/D/V EOE Pre-employment drug and background screening required. All applicants should apply online @ mediageneral.com.

Phoenix peeps…Google is hiring people who will test drive their self-driving cars. Huh? No, I don’t know exactly how that works and it might just be too ironic for words, but if you’re interested, I have deets. Meanwhile, before we all start having cars that drive themselves, anybody else want the flying cars they promised us?

Think About This:  “Little tiny dreams require little tiny thoughts and little tiny steps. Great big dreams require great big thoughts and little tiny steps.”  ~ Mike Dooley The Universe

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November 12, 2015

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So many TV marketing people have a deep yearning to do a film. Come on…you know you do. Some of you have moved forward on that desire through different venues, like the 48 Hour Film Festival. ERIK CANDIANI was involved in that a few times and it seems he had a blast. Well, one TV marketer has blown the doors off the desire and jumped in full blast. KYLE KLEINECKE is doing the southern film festival circuit with a short called The Pickle. Kyle did TV promo in Wichita Falls, TX as well as Shreveport, LA before getting onboard at an agency and then directing the film. You can read about it (and Like it) on Facebook. As Nike says – do it! Well Dunne! Kyle.


Think About This:  “The gem could not be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”  ~ Chinese proverb

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October 30, 2015

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Telemundo has named a new VP of Marketing for their network. MARIA ISABEL FIGUEORA will take the Miami-based job, coming over from VP of Marketing for Sony Pictures Latin America and Brazil. The University of Michigan grad has also been part of the Yahoo! marketing efforts. A bright and happy Well Dunne! Maria.


Creativity is when someone puts a whole new spin on something that we’ve all seen before. For instance, think about color combinations. Yellow plus Blue equals Green. But the folks at STEPHEN ARNOLD Music have taken this fundamental art fact and turned it into a stunning clear vinyl LP, full of their music, and it’s a sight to see.  Named ‘What’s Printed Here’, it’s a limited production item, but you should check it out as best you can. Kudos to Dallas’ Rucker & Co for their artistic contribution.


Oops…ERIK CANDIANI isn’t starting in Oakland at KTVU on November 12. Turns out his first date in the office there will be November 30. Everybody stand down and enjoy November and Thanksgiving.


Think About This: "When you find yourself in a position to help someone, be happy and feel blessed because God is answering that person’s prayer through you. Remember, our purpose on earth is not to get lost in the dark but to be a light to others so that they might find their way through us.”  ~ Alberto Casing


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October 28, 2015

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Go west – it’s what’s happening for not one but two promo pros: First….There’s something about the Rocky Mountains of the American west. They’re gorgeous, rugged, vibrant and they forge the lifestyles of those living in and near them along their 3,000 mile range. When you’re too far away from them, you miss them. The mountains are luring back a Denver man who’s been doing TV marketing away from the peaks, and he’s going to be in one of the most gorgeous locales the Colorado Rockies have to offer. DAVID REEVE is headed back to Colorado, specifically Colorado Springs where he’ll be the new Marketing Director of KOAA, the NBC affiliate. He and the fam will be departing Tegna’s WFMY in the Greensboro/Winston-Salem market of North Carolina. Along the way, David has been Promotion Manager at WUSA in DC and Exec Producer for Denver’s KUSA. Yes, he’s got his snowboard all ready to hit the slopes. Well Dunne! David.


Second, there’s no question one leaves their heart in San Francisco. Its magic delights every sense. Heading to the City by the Bay is ERIK CANDIANI et famille where he’ll be taking over the VP Creative Services role at Fox’s KTVU in Oakland. Erik’s coming from Tegna’s NBC affil KARE in Minneapolis where he was VP Creative.. He’s comin’ home to Cali where the Candiani’s will be close to family. Erik has been with KOVR in Sacramento as well as in LA at KTLA plus a turn in Denver. Erik is mucho excited and predictions are for some cutting edge creative to hit SF after November 12. Big Well Dunne! Erik.


Job Alert – Writer Producer WREG Memphis


Job Alert– Freelancee Writer Producer FOX LA (see Jeremy Claypool for deets)


Do NOT miss tonight’s episode of The Goldbergs on ABC. Why? Well, it’s a super show and tonight’s episode has the wonderful AMY LEVY, of LA’s Amy Levy PR fame, as a trick or treater or something equally fun that shows off her mega-watt smile. Lady has the best smile around. And she has a great voice too. 


Think About This:  "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”  ~  Buddha

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September 26, 2013

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Do you know bubbly MAIA BRUSSEAU? If no, you should. If yes, then you’ll be thrilled to hear she’s been promoted to Creative Services Director of Denver’s KDVR/ KWGN, Fox and MyTV. The lovely Maia had been Promotion Manager and has been holding down the creative fort since ERIK CANDIANI took the Director of Marketing and Creative slot at KARE in Minneapolis. Maia’s a sunshine lady, whether it’s Florida sunshine or the sun from the slopes in the Rockies. She’s worked at WKMG in Orlando twice, and at Denver’s CBS affil KCNC. It’s such a pleasure to share the good news with her. Well Dunne! Maia.

With her old title/positio left open, commercial producer CHRIS LUPENSKI was tapped and was promoted to Promotion Manager. The sentence ‘promotion to Promotion Manager’ sounds rather odd, but that’s what happened. Dan is originally from Danbury, Connecticut and made his way to Denver via Atlanta and Birmingham. He’s a Roll Tide Bama fan in case you are as well.  He began his TV career at the Center for Public Television at University of Alabama and his first real job…one with a paycheck…was at WDBB in Tuscaloosa, site of a classic Groucho Marx line. Well Dunne! Chris.

Now is the perfect time to start your search for a new station voice. And can Well Dunne!Talent help. Yes we sure can. Click…listen…be happy.

Think About This:  "Do not be discouraged. Learn not to be disappointed in anything, or any person. You are disappointed because your will, your desire, has been frustrated. Learn to submit to the divine will, for God’s will is all-wise. Wait, then, for God’s appointments, learning to tread the path wisely, serenely."  ~  White Eagle


June 18, 2013

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Let’s focus on the future. No, not the immediate future of PROMAX LA and Station Summit. The real future…babies. Two such newbies are with us now, and it’s time we smile, and coo and carry on in their honor.

ERIK CANDIANI, Director of Marketing and Creative Services at KARE, welcomed a brand new daughter, making little Riley his hat trick baby. Already a stylista, Miss Riley was last seen in a Facebook picture with the most adorable headband. Great news from the Candiana family!

Out in Erik’s former stomping grounds, Denver, comes word that ROBIN HOFFMAN, the Creative Services Director of ABC affil KMGH (Scripps) has welcomed a little girl as well. Let’s hear it (but not toooo loudly) for Grace Collette. If she takes after mom, she’s going to be a real looker. Well Dunne! Hofmans.

Down in Jacksonville, TJ KING the CSD of Cox’s duop WAWS/WTEV (Fox/CBS) is awaiting a family addition the old fashioned way – no word on if they have a boy or girl on the way. It’s the old fashioned way. 

Job Alert – Director of Digital Media Ovation Santa Monica

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April 24, 2013

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He’s got the winter wardrobe for it. ERIK CANDIANI is trading Denver for Minneapolis as he takes over as Director of Marketing and Creative Services at Gannett’s NBC affil, KARE in the Twin Cities. He makes the switch from being VP Marketing and Creative Services at Local TV owned Fox affil KDVR in the Mile High city. He’ll be in place up Minneapolis way by May 6. Yes, he’s happy…I turn it over to him to tell you about it. "I was extremely fortunate to have had a supportive General Manager at KDVR who truly believed in — and stood so staunchly behind me. And a Creative Services Management team who were both extremely creative and so very loyal. I sincerely hope they are lucky enough to have the exact same experience I did sometime in their careers." But wait…there’s more.  Yep, there’s the job, the new city, a new place to live… but come the end of June, and Erik and his lovely wife will welcome their third child. Talk about everything being happy and glad. Well Dunne! Erik!


Job Alert – Promotion Manager WISN Milwaukee

FOX DC’s COSMO LOSCO had a big day Tuesday. It was the day the soundtrack to his indie film became available. You gotta check it out. He composed 15 totally awesome Sci-Fi tracks…which qualifies him for the title Super-Creative (like Super-Model, only healthy)

iTunes: http://bit.ly/11yvoWH
Amazon MP3:
Google Play:
Xbox Music:

There seems to be a flood epidemic. MARK DRISCOLL had not one but two before settling down in a great LA place. NICK SANABRIA is still trying to sort out the deluge that took out his studio (he’s still handling his stations – he’s just so versatile) and now I had to waste all day due to water from some dishwasher situation.  Which leads to the next item…


In case you’re thinking of a new breakfast menu, might it be suggested you try Maple Bacon flavored vodka. Yes, it really exists, as does Blueberry Pancake flavored vodka and Glazed Donut flavored. The wonders of modern science never fail to impress. No wonder breakfast can be the most popular meal of the day

Think About This:  “The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.”  ~  Robert Hughes


Wednesday February 23, 2011

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It’s Wednesday and feels like Tuesday. Short week syndrome. Let’s get a handle on open jobs before we go further. Open as of 2-23-11, to the best of knowledge, are: CSD slots at WTAE/Pittsburgh, WGRZ/Buffalo, KCTV/Kansas City, KVOA/Tucson, WGMB/Baton Rouge and KOKH/Oklahoma City. Promo Manager slots open at WTAE/Pittsburgh, KCWE/Kansas City, WTTG/DC, WFTV/Orlando, KIRO/Seattle. Marketing Director slots at WTVR/Richmond and WIS/Columbia, SC. News Promotion Manager at WBZ in Boston. Promo Producer Manager KVVU/Las Vegas and Ass’t CSD at KHBS/Ft. Smith.

Job alert…2 openings in Denver. ART DIRECTOR and GRAPHIC DESIGNER for ERIK CANDIANI. Read all about it here.

Art Director  FOX 31 Denver / Colorado’s Own CW2
Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? 
Well, we’re about 1000 miles from the nearest surf… but have more days of sunshine than San Diego OR Miami Beach!
FOX 31 Denver / Colorado’s Own CW2 in Denver, Colorado has an immediate opening in their highly-creative Promotions Department for an experienced team-oriented and hands-on Art Director that will not only lead.. but also inspire their team.
In this position you will provide graphic support to daily newscasts as well as assist promotions by creating top-notch motion graphics and animation.  Graphics are created using the Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D and VIZRT.  Must be able to work tight deadlines with minimal direction and be ready to lead a creative team beyond the typical.  We are looking for that "go-to person" for all things graphic… someone with fresh ideas and a unique combination of style, layout, color, balance and personality to match.  If you are the star at your current station… we are definitely interested!
Required skills: People Skills, News Graphics, Creative Team Management, Photoshop and After Effects.  (These are non-negotiable.  You need to start with these skills in your pocket!)  We are a Mac shop.
Preferred skills: Cinema 4D and VIZRT.
Willing to work a flexible schedule.  College degree in design or equivalent experience essential.  Applicants with VIZRT or scripting knowledge will get to the head of our line.
Please send resume and a non-returnable DVD or an email with link to your demo reel to:
Erik Candiani
Director of Marketing & Creative Services
KDVR / KWGN (Art Director Position)
100 E Speer Blvd
Denver, CO 80203

Job Alert – writer producer opening at CBS Chicago. WBBM is the place.

How enticing is this article – why you need Dr. Spock on our management team.

Time to sort out your Mark Awards work. And this year, it’s all electronic. Take THAT snail mail!

Anyone flashing you a fake smile needs more than a snarky look – those fake smiles can require an MD.

Think About This: "It’s not what you say, it’s how it feels inside when you say it. It gives an audience permission to feel that feeling in you. The feeling you give them, rather than the words themselves, is what they remember." – thanks to DAVE BAUMANN, CSD at WXYZ

July 26, 2010

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That great open Creative slot in Denver is filled. Taking the title Director of Marketing and Creative Services at the Tribune combo in the mile high city is native Californian ERIK CANDIANI. He’s at KDVR FOX and KWGN CW from his slot doing creative things at Los Angeles’ KTLA. Erik loves LA but is excited about all the possibilities Denver is offering. Well Dunne! Erik.

JOB ALERT! For the artists amongst us – The Golf Channel is looking for Director of On-Air Graphics. Get to live in Florida and everything. Orlando actually. Go to the Golf Channel site and click away.

JOB ALERT! But only for the bilingual Spanish-English peeps. BBC in Miami needs a Creative Services Director. And I want that person to hire the wonderful Well Dunne! bilingual voices, CHRIS SMITH and RICCARDO PIROTTI (who just happens to live in the Miami area, gracias.)

ESPN’s got a great, attention-getting yet sly spot. Arnold Palmer is at some kind of food court and goes back and forth between the iced tea and lemonade to fill his glass. You gotta see it…really nice.

MY BAD…I misspelled STEPHEN ARNOLD’s name last time. I apologize and hope you all listen for his new musical stylings done for The Golf Channel.

The cartoonist who draws Dilbert has a blog. And he has some fun insight into listening. Check it out here.

THINK ABOUT THIS: "Language… has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone.”  ~  Paul Johannes Tillich (The Eternal Now)