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September 1, 2016

Aug 31, 2016 by     Comments Off on September 1, 2016    Posted under: Featured

Talent doesn’t usually constrict itself to just one area. Being multi-talented is quite normal, yet we usually think of someone as having one outstanding talent while not knowing of others. Pity. We miss out on recognizing some amazing expressions. Or perhaps the ‘must live the job til you drop” demands leave people too drained to do more than sleep. In any event, let’s direct our attention to former promo pro JIM GRAVINA, who has tapped his inner Picasso, letting his painter muse take him to action. You can see all his latest works on GravinArt’s facebook page. Since Jim said adios to the everyday TV world and took a slot in DC at Shine, he’s been blossoming. Even got engaged. So he is a motions graphic artist, a painter, a magician, a video whiz…Well Dunne! Jim!

Hunker down for a bumpy Labor Day weekend everybody on the east coast and in Hawaii. And don’t forget to tune in to the Raycom Media Flood Relief Concert Friday. Do it. Help out. See ya next Tuesday.

Think About This:  ‘I don’t want to kill myself, I want to see what happens.’ ~ Patti Smith

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