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October 17, 2016

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How does one join the executive ranks? One way is to get named Executive Producer, which is what happened to GREG HARMON today over at Seattle’s KIRO. He’s now EP in the Creative Services Department at the Cox CBS affiliate. He’s got a great promo background, having worked at Scripp’s Phoenix KNXV and Tucson’s KVOA. Well Dunne! Greg.

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WSOC Charlotte

Job Alert – Graphic Designer WSB Atlanta

All those stories about a guy named Mark Driscoll who quit some huge church up Seattle way should IN NO WAY and NEVER be confused with Well Dunne! Talent’s MARK DRISCOLL, who is known far and wide as Mr. Voice. Yeah, he’s that good. Rick Dees gave him that nickname. 

The Guardian asks: Is this the end of TV?


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June 22, 2011

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When CSD JIM HART at ABC15 in Phoenix called with the news that his Topical Producer GREG HARMON was leaving, there was sadness in his voice. But also Jim knew it was the right time for the creative bird to fly the nest and couldn’t be happier with the news. Greg is finishing up in the Valley of the Sun today so he can start next Monday with CSD MATT LAWS (who is Matt Laws IV…very cool) at KIRO in Seattle. Yes, the Arizona native and his wife are moving to the Pacific Northwest and are looking forward to getting tired of the rain. It will be a new experience. Greg and Mrs. Greg have family up in the NW, so he’s actually catching up with them. He calls Tucson his  hometown. Happy and safe travels, Greg. And when you have a moment between writing and producing spots  in the Emerald City (Seattle’s nickname…Google says so), go check out the original Starbucks and tell us what you think. Well Dunne! Greg.

Jim is looking for a kick-it producer, so consider this a job alert!

All you NYC  PROMAXERS be on the lookout for RAY ECKE, the coolest writer and PR man around. He’s Well Dunne!’s stringer for the conference and will be sharing his insights, sightings and pix with us. Sure you’ll find Ray to be Well Dunne!

Lovin’ Boston’s WCVB’s new local programming, and it is NOT news. Shout out to RUSS NELLIGAN just for the fun of it. 

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