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June 13, 2013

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Dispatches from PromaxBDA Day 2 & 3   By Ray Ecke

For many creative professionals, the motto is ‘less is more,’ but don’t tell that to the organizers of this year’s PromaxBDA 2014. There were so many fascinating panels Wednesday it was impossible to see them all. Highlights included the State of Design featuring Stephen Price of Stash Magazine showcasing some of the best work of the last year; New Best Practices 2014, in which the always insightful Lee Hunt spoke in detail about measurement and how networks can better retain viewers; and leftchannel’s Alberto Scirocco’s Promo Bootcamp session Internet Killed The Promo Star that discussed new ways to inspire your creative soul and avoid ruts. Day 2 wrapped with an amazing discussion with filmmaker and founder of the El Rey Network Robert Rodriguez. His emphasis on living a full creative life was eye-opening. As he noted, “Ten percent of anything is understanding, the other ninety percent is being creative.” It was also fascinating to learn that he has a paint studio on all of his sets so actors when they are not shooting can go there and paint and “keep their creative juices flowing."

At the hotel bar, I had a chance to sit with voiceover artist and fellow “Jersey boy” Harry Legg (yes he swears that’s his real name). Over Diet Cokes (it was still a little early for drinks) we discussed his transition from radio to voiceovers, and the state of medium of radio in general. Are we the only two people who miss the classic DJs from the old WABC and WNEW New York radio stations? I hope not. If you get a chance to meet Harry, do get his business card, shaped like a hairy leg (get it, hairy leg/Harry Legg).

The night wrapped with a trip downtown to the Videohelper party. Inside their cool space with instruments hanging on every wall, guests were greeted with top shelf booze, a pool table and a free-for-all jam session in their soundproof studio. Spotted at the shindig were Steve Marino, director/CD at Nitrous Studio, master rep Stuart Sternbach of Pangea and design house The Goods’ EP Jason Sonner.

All of which led to the Day 3…

Highlights from the Thursday sessions were “Fresh & Flashy But Familiar: The Art of the Episodic Promo” featuring JD Currey of Fresh Cut Creative and Joe Tamanini of Studio City, who got into ways to liven up your promos; and “A Deep Dive Into The Rebranding of CCTV International” featuring Stephen Arnold and Chad Cook of Stephen Arnold Music, Tim Saunders and Caroline Aldridge of Broadcast Design International and Stefan Mueller of Flint Skallen, which went deep into their collective work for CCTV’s relaunch of 6 channels.

Before that session though, Stephen Arnold Music did its annual guitar giveaway. The winner this year of a Fender Strat signed by Tom Petty was Jon Fox, Executive Creative Director of Hothaus Creative, Atlanta. Later at pre-awards reception Jon wondered about the best way to get the guitar back to Atlanta (definitely on the ‘no’ list was the airline baggage check).

At the awards show, hosted by the very clever comic/actor Jeff Leach, some of the notable winners included Nickelodeon and 20th Century Fox’s Walking with Dinosaurs "Dino Rap"; Comedy Central — Franco Roast in the category of Entertainment Promo Spot; and CBS Television – "Under the Dome" Launch for Entertainment Program Campaign. The Agency of the Year Awards went to L.A.-based Stun Creative (North America), and The Corner London (Global Excellence).

The complete coverage and list of winners is here: (http://brief.promaxbda.org/content/fx-networks-wins-big-at-2014-promaxbda-north-america-awards

June 11, 2014

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Wednesday in NYC for PROMAX? If the answer is yes… then you must, have to, no excuses accepted – get yourself to hear ALBERTO SCIROCCO’s 2:30 Promo BootCamp session (in Gramercy) called Internet Killed the Promo Star: Goose Your Game by Weaning off the Web. Hosted by VALERIE ALBANESE, SVP Brand Creative Lifetime Television, Alberto will talk about fresh inspiration and how to cultivate creative (and it isn’t watching other people’s promos on the net).  Alberto is the Creative Director of leftchannel, a motion graphics and design studio as well as a brand new Well Dunne! Talent member. He knows about artistis inspiration – he hails from Milan (Italy not Michigan) and his history in art dates back to 1586. Most impressive. So go…do it. Enjoy. And Well Dunne! Alberto!

Austin Texas is one of the coolest places to live (truth – traffic was omitted from the assessment). So it great news to hear that LA-based El Rey Network, which is a cable net founded by film guy Robert Rodriguez is moving their production and executive headquarters there. Of course, being a UT Longhorn and being married to an Ausin lady probably helped in the decision. Well Dunne! Austin and El Rey.

Job Alert – Assistant Creative Services Director KSWB Salinas 

Job Alert – Sr. Writer Producer HLN News/CNN Atlanta job 142782BR

Look for HARRY LEGG and his hairy leg business card at PROMAX. Win a serious Bacon prize from Dean and DeLuca. Meet Harry. That is all.

Think About This: "The grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never dried all at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor is ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal dawn and gloaming, on sea and continents and Islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls." ~ John Muir

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June 9, 2014

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A market with three major universities, a handful of impressive colleges, scientists abounding with could-be-life-changing ideas in the Research Triangle, a state capital – all within a short drive to the ocean. Sublimely it’s the Raleigh-Durham market of North Carolina. And it’s the future home for ADAM FRARY who has taken the CSD-Programming position at ABC’s WTVD. He’ll be coming east from Louisville where he’s been Marketing Manager at Raycom’s NBC affil, WAVE, as well as President of the Marketing Advisory Board with Raycom. When he tells you he was raised in the business, Adam means it…his parents in Evansville, Indiana had a production company and he was there all the time from when he turned 4. His good looks (true…even if he blushes) found him in front of the camera anchoring student news reports while also producing commercials. After an internship at CNN, and a degree from Vincennes U, he went to work for Raycom at their stations in Montgomery, AL, Evansville, and the aforementioned L’ville. Dad of three boys, he has a dog named Daisy and is a big fan of Notre Dame football. He’s going to love working with WTVD’s muy-talented producer BRANSON KIMBALL when Adam begins June 23. Well Dunne! Adam.

JEFF PAULUS is making the switch from heading up marketing for the Lima, Ohio stations (WOHL, WLQP and WLIO) and is now producing promos at powerhouse WBNS in Columbus. Excellent and Well Dunne! Jeff.

Job Alert – Director of Marketing WAVE Louisville

WAVE 3 News, the Raycom Media NBC affiliate in Louisville, seeks a strategic, creative and innovative Director of Marketing with image and brand building skills for all screens. Candidate must be a leader, coach, and trainer with a proven track record as a television marketing director. Candidate will work with our news team in creating image and topical promotion and overseeing art and graphics; our digital team in effectively utilizing social media and growing engagement on web and mobile; and our sales team in developing and executing revenue-generating ideas and overseeing commercial production. Candidate must be a strong writer with exceptional interpersonal skills who will be responsible for marketing strategies and brand management, growing audience share on all screens, and handling public relations activities and projects. Candidate will be an effective communicator who will foster a vibrant and positive work environment. Candidate must develop and execute effective on-air and on-line research-based strategic marketing plans, meet deadlines, and have strong attention to detail/good follow-through. Candidate will be responsible for the overall station on-air look, press relations, and community outreach. Candidate must have a solid grasp of budgeting for all aspects of the marketing and creative services team and should be able to edit on computer assisted non-linear editing systems. Candidate will work closely with the General Manager and all station managers. 

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Level Degree. Minimum Experience: 5-7 years of experience of television marketing management. To apply, send resume and links to your work to; https://careers-raycommedia.icims.com . No phone calls please. EOE-M/F/D/V

Some of you might have noticed that the new Well Dunne! Talent and blog website made a premature debut over the weekend. As many of you know, it is not a good idea to allow me to push buttons. Anyway, a new site is about to come around just in time for PROMAX NYC. Speaking of, look for Well Dunne’s HARRY LEGG and PR mogul RAY ECKE as well as the one and only BONNIE BARCLAY who will all be on-hand and contributing to this posting. Smile for pictures and think ‘voice’. Today’s Think is for Ms. Bonnie.


Think About This: “ I had always imagined paradise as a kind of library. ”— Jorge Luis Borges 


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June 5, 2014

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When you are blessed with a name that people remember (yes, Bacon is kinda one of those), it does one good to use it to best advantage. Such is the case with Well Dunne! Talent’s HARRY LEGG, whose parents blessed him with a name that most people remember right after asking ‘is that your real name?’ Harry is going to be at PROMAX in NYC next week and has a fun proposition for ya’ll. Get one of his new leg-shaped business cards (uber fun) then email him and you might win the Bacon (!)  package from Dean & Deluca.   Or a year’s supply of razors…you get to pick. 

Job Alert – Promotion Producer – WALA/WFNA Mobile

WALA/WFNA has an immediate opening for an experienced promotion writer/producer/editor. Prefer candidates with solid technical skills and creativity to spare – with a reel to back it all up. Ideal candidate will have at least one year promotion producing and non-linear editing experience (preferably Premiere Pro) as well as strong writing skills. We are looking for an experienced promo pro who can take our on-air product to the next level.
Respond to: Promotion Producer Search, WALA/WFNA, 1501 Satchel Paige Drive, Mobile, AL 36606. Or email: sam.day@fox10tv.com. All applicants must include DVD or link to resume reel. EEO. No phone calls.

No better place for the mind than Oxford (England darlings) and when they sent along this article about memory tricks, it seemed far too good not to share. Even tho it’s geared for students, the concepts are applicable for everyone.


You have to read this article about social media…title alone is worth the click:The Accidental Narcissist and The Future of Customer Engagement  


Think About This: “There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself – an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly.”  ~ Antisthenes

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May 15, 2014

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2C Media has racked up some exciting noms in the PROMAXbda 2014 National awards derby. Couldn’t happen to better folks. For a list of those up for gold, silver, bronze and kudos, click here.  Well Dunne! to all that talent.


Condolences to FOX DC VP MIKE HENRY on the loss of his son earlier in the spring. A memorial service is being held on the west coast this weekend. Always sending you our best Mike.

Love Ken Levine. He’s THE BEST comedy writer and all round great guy…so you should take a gander at his idea on how to fix TV (entertainment side).


HARRY LEGG has written an article that outlines why using your Image voice for commercials is a really bad (reallllly bad) idea. 

When you have your station image voice talk, you want your viewers to pay attention. After all, you selected him or her to be the sound of your operation…the sound of Who You Are. So you really need to think twice (or more) and know this: your image sound should not be reading commercials.

Billboards are entirely different. Your voice is listing the people who support you. Great. Nothing better. But in today’s bottom-line, money-is-tight atmosphere, there’s a lot of pressure to use your station voice for local spots. Many in the sales department are keen about it. 

What’s a creative to do? Gotta educate them.

Start with educating them about Tune out – a term that needs to be top of mind for all creative work. Tune out needs to be avoided at all costs. You need to teach people that tune out happens when something (ahem..a voice for instance) becomes used so very much…over and over and over…that it loses all impact. It becomes the mailbox at the end of the street you don’t notice at all. The sound of crickets. 

OK, so maybe tune out is too esoteric. Legal always works…your image voice is contracted for certain things, and commercials isn’t one of them. On rare occasions, commercials might be included in the talent agreement, but that’s another problem.  On the whole – Image voices are for image work.

Is there anything worse than bad trafficking where a viewer could hear a ‘I gave it my all’ station promo right after a read for a mattress company – in the same distinctive voice? Ouch.

This isn’t a war with your sales people. Far from it. You are helping them help their clients. It’s a win-win. 

Think About This:  “I get up every morning determined to boh change he world and have one hell of a good ime. Sometimes it makes planning my day difficult.”  ~ E. B. White

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May 7, 2014

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Don’t you just love it when a job can also be a calling…when doing ‘work’ is also doing good. Win-win. Luckily, some folks fall into this, the best of both worlds. Like BILL DION, who is taking all his creative marketing talents and using them in his new role of Fundraising Producer for WETA, the PBS flagship in DC. Very cool. Bill has the kind of creative spark that comes from successfully doing day to day affiliate promo work for WESH in Orlando where he was Promo Manager and at WJLA, ABC in DC. He’s had the pleasure of being Poducion Manager for NAB as well as doing production and communications for the National Wildlife Federation. In other words, he walks his walk…Well Dunne! Bill.

Did you know kudos is NEVER plural? No, not ever. Therefore, if you or I or anyone else were to write ‘many kudos’ we would be incorrect. It is ‘much kudos’…don’t let the ‘s’ fool you. That said, let us pass along the kudos to Well Dunne! Talent’s HARRY LEGG and his work for CSD ROBBY THOMAS at WNCN…they just won two Telly’s. Harry contributed his fabulous voice. Well Dunne! ya’ll.

Job Alert – Editor Videographer for Promos Commercials WFXL Albany GA

Job Alert – Director Affiliate Marketing Sportsman Channel New Belin WI

Think About This:  “All great and precious things are lonely.”  ~ John Steinbeck, East of Eden

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January 14, 2014

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Love has been in the air – can you feel it? Making an early appearance, Cupid has beat the groundhog by several weeks, no doubt bringing about one such happy love event from the left coast. A wedding! All best wishes for ‘happily ever-aftering’ go to PETER NOLL, who tied the knot with this partner. Peter is Director Affiliate Marketing and Promotion for ABC out in Burbank. Smiles to you two! Well Dunne!

Well Dunne! Talent’s HARRY LEGG is a major martial arts guy. He loves it – and is pretty good at it. All said because he was in NYC Sunday night – and the mugger who jumped him from behind found out just how good Harry is with self-defense. Wow. Harry is 1,000% OK. He didn’t even sound nervous. Lesson – Don’t mess with him. Well Dunne! Harry.

Two blogs of interest for you. First, BILL HARTNETT’S World On Shuffle. Bill is uber fab and his writings about freelancing and work in today’s ever-changing biz environment are well worth the time. Check it out. And second, here’s a site for both the creator and the client from NatGeo & NatGeo WILD SVP Creative ANDY BAKER. In this case, the name doesn’t say it all, since the blog name is The Client Blog. It’s way more than than that. I’m lovin’ it. Just click and enjoy.



Think About This: "You are an Angel, and your life is your message."  ~ Don Miguel Ruiz


December 2, 2013

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Name three things that are Philly to the max. 1 – Cheese steaks. Good answer.  2 – Rocky Balboa jogging up those stairs. Yep, that’s true 3 – Cream cheese. Ha! Name only. Let’s add NOELLE KEARNS to the list. The Philly lady is back in the City of Brotherly Love, writing and producing super marketing for MIKE MONSELL at ABC’s WPVI. She worked there and even was an intern there, so it’s rather like home. Ms. Noelle had been out in Phoenix at Scripps’ KNXV, the ABC in the Valley of the Sun, but I guess those snow-free winters are now a thing of the past. The Temple grad (yep, that’s in Philadelphia) is happy and that’s such great news to report. Well Dunne! Noelle.

Well Dunne! Talent’s HARRY LEGG took off for Germany during the Thanksgiving holiday and from the sound of things, he’s having a blast. He’s a super voice those of you who are realizing it’s December and you need to make some changes!

Job Alert – w/p WBNG Binghamton, NY

Job Alert – CSD at KNXV Phoenix

Anybody catch the REALLY well edited ABC Family How The Grinch Stole Christmas/25 Days of Christmas spots that ran over the holiday? IMPRESSIVE indeed. Whomever did those – Well Dunne! 

FYI – Well Dunne! Talent site is going to be up and down the next few days while some very tech-savy folks do their thing. But fear not…it’s all going to be better in the long run. If you need anything, just call. You remember that old fashioned phone thing, right?

Think About This: "Seek and reverence the light in the heart of every soul you meet. Remember the light shining in the heart of the simplest earth child; reverence that, and help that light in your brother-sister to shine. So, gradually, the light will spread throughout the world, and the new age of brotherhood will truly dawn" ~ White Eagle

October 5, 2011

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 Life is a game…or is that a cabaret…anyway, The Game Show Network has a new EVP and Chief Marketing Office.  Come on down STEPHEN CRONCOTA, who’s actually coming over from E!  His impressive resume includes Sr. VP Creative Director of Cartoon Network as well as being at Warners. The Middlebury College grad has also worked marketing Versace as well as Sachi & Sachi agency. Coolness. Well Dunne! Stephen.

CTAM is happening now in NYC, so keep your eyes open for Well Dunne! Talent’s HARRY LEGG, who’s stringing for this very blog. Yes, pix are on the way as is news. 

Job Alert – Orlando’s WESH is in need of a Promotions Manager.

Job Alert – Not only does Baton Rouge’ FOX station need a Creative Services Director, but they also are on the lookout for News Promo Producer/Editor/Photog, a Promo Editor/Producer, a Promotions Editor/Producer for their CCA Productions and, taking a breath, and a Market Promotions Manager. 

Sacre Bleu! Using QR codes to sell wine. 

Think About This: “Our minds are as different as our faces: we are all traveling to one destination; — happiness; but few are going by the same road.”  ~  Charles Caleb Colton