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December 23, 2014

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When JAMES MCKAY shared he was leaving Scripps’ WPTV in West Palm Beach, it seemed unlikely they’d find a replacement who was as smart, communicative and clever as he. But in true Scripps’ tradition – they have. She’ll be in the CSD chair come January 12 having moved down A1A from Jacksonville where she was Promotion Manager at WJXT, a great #2 slot to Indiana, PA native SHERRY CARPENTER. The new fully titled, run-her-own-ship lady in question is none other than CHRISTINE FUNK BARON, who will bring a thousand watt smile to already sunny West Palm. She’s originally from up north with a degree from the State University of New York at Plattsburg. Got her foot in the TV door at WATE in Pittsburgh before moving to WTEN in Albany and then to Denver’s KMGH, which is now owned by her new station group, Scripps. (ha – take a sip of coffee every time you read Scripps). The most interesting aspect to Christine’s life is she’s a very dedicated and well noted body builder. No doubt that accounts for her amazing energy. She’ll be working with two Well Dunne! Talents to boot! Have a happy holiday and Well Dunne! Christine!

Job Alert – Creative Services Promotion Manager WJXT Jacksonville

Think About This: “I hope this holiday season you remember: to use all of your angels, that you are inclined to succeed, and that everything you’ve been through up until this moment in time, was just practice for the really good stuff that’s now headed your way!  ~ from Tut-A Note From The Universe

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July 28, 2014

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A lot of marketing creative types follow their hearts and either volunteer their time (and/or talents) or actually go to work for organizations making a difference. Not that TV can’t – it can make a difference…a huge difference. Actually, it  should do more of this outreach. But before we go off on a side track, let’s focus on the reason this whole subject is starting your Monday reading. It’s because AMANDA FORD has a generous background working at the Red Cross of North East New York. But the coup de grace – she spent a year teaching English in China. How fabulous is that! She was in Qinhuangdao which is about two hours directly east of Beijing – a gorgeous seaside city. Details must be gathered for such an adventure and will be shared. Meanwhile, Ms. Amanda is back in the states and is the new writer producer for CSD JAMES McKAY at Scripps’ WPTV in another seaside city, West Palm Beach. She’s honed her promo chops at WTEN , WXXA and WNYT, all in Albany, New York’s capital. I guess after a year in China, West Palm won’t be very exotic, but I know her creative will bring sparks. Well Dunne! Amanda.

Getting away from the day to day of a TV station but working the creative video aspects of the job is KEVIN MYERS. He’ now at Best Buy headquarters doing videos for the chain. He’s been CSD at FOX in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Well Dunne! Kevin

Have you seen the Amazing Motion spot for Lexus? Take a moment and check out how they combined art, technology, movement and motion. They shot it in Malaysia, btw. It makes one stop and watch attentively whenever it airs. Wow.

Think About This:  "Say little; love much; give all; judge no-one; aspire to all that is pure and good-and keep on keeping on." ~ White Eagle

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April 1, 2014 No foolin’

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Living on Tulsa time isn’t just a song sung by Don Williams…it’s what RACHEL PAPP is going to be doing once she settles into the job of Creative Services Director at Scripps’ NBC affiliate KJRH located in the aforementioned T-Town.  It’s her first turn at heading up creative efforts and she’s learned from hands-on experience. Her last slot was at Scripps’ sister station WPTV, NBC in West Palm Beach, FL where she was Sr. Promo Writer Producer having started as writer producer for CSD JAMES MCKAY. Ms. Rachel also worked at Post-Newsweek’s CBS affil WKMG in Orlando where she interned and then took a seat as Senior Sales Assistant. Rachel is going to be in great hands in Tulsa, where her GM is former promo pro DONNA WILSON. Well Dunne! Rachel. (PS – Rachel’s new job broke the nearly all-male streak we had going in March)

Fresh from a panel a SXSW comes more excitement from DAN SILVER who has been tapped VP of Creative for Riptide Music Group out of Culver City. They do music for trailers (most recently Noah and Wolf of Wall Street) and ads and promos, etc. They do all kinds of great music and you should check them out. Well Dunne! Dan.



Job Alert – Writer Producer CNN On-Air Promotions Atlanta Job 139692BR

Think About This: "May I be medicine for those who are sick, a partner for those who are lonely, a bridge for those who need to cross over, and a light for those who are blind."  ~ A prayer of the Bodhisattva

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August 5, 2011

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A tardy but hardy welcome to WPTV’s Sr. Writer Producer RALPH CAPOBIANCO, who’s been making the creative efforts sing at the NBC affil in Palm Beach. Ralph’s been doing promo work for Raycom’s FOX affil down among the palms, and now that PTV is a news partner, Ralph’s wearing a new hat and doing great work. Thanks to CSD JAMES MCKAY for the info. Well Dunne! Ralph.

God bless JULIE WHITLEY’s heart. She’s the recently hired writer-producer for Hearst’s ABC affiliate in Oklahoma City, where today’s temperature is 106 according to their very sharp website. Julie is no stranger to heat – she’s from Waxahachie, TX, just south of Dallas. And she’s a grad of Baylor, where the temps in Waco also reach the heights. Now the good news in all this is that she’s working for the fabulous RANDAL GAGE. Definitely a hot shop  in all ways imaginable. Well Dunne! Julie!

Job Alert – Looks like they upped the ante at KGO in San Francisco, making that open CSD slot into a VP CSD slot. 

All you LUCY fans out there – and that means me – beat the heat with a wonderful Hallmark Channel I LOVE LUCY marathon this Saturday and Sunday. Celebrating the 100th birthday of the redheaded comedian, who was born August 6, 1911. 

Glad to see the FAA has been taken care of. No doubt the fear of yesterday’s No Fly blacklist turned the tide. (sarcasm alert)

THINK ABOUT THIS: "Or is that too much work, to think before you speak? For some people, it is. It’s a lot of work. For all of you who want to walk a spiritual path, I suggest you stop and take a look at all the things you think and all the assumptions that you make… before you speak. Try some discipline and see if you can, for a whole week, just watch your thoughts."  ~  Hinono


December 14, 2010

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For the East part of the US, the big chill is on…gonna be around 30 in Palm Beach, which means there could be some very frosty debutantes. But at Scripps-owned WPTV, NBC on the Atlantic there, CSD JAMES MCKAY is warm and toasty because he’s found the writer producer he was looking for…and the find was in the building. Didn’t have to put on a scarf or anything. Welcome the newbie to the world of creative marketing. ADAM STARR has a background in marketing, so the fit should be perfect-o. And the last name is perfect-o as well. Well Dunne! Adam.

While we’re shivering in Florida… I bet that JASON SANDERS, the new Creative Promotions Producer at CBS affil WKMG in Orlando is letting his hot job keep the chill away. He’s a Full Sail grad, so he’s no stranger to the market. Jason has done a wide variety of projects and seems to be rather a renaissance guy what with the editing, the motion graphics, the 24 Hour Film thing. Wow. Well Dunne! Jason.

Scales and the tipping point come to mind…new Forrester research says US Households now spend as much time online as they do watching TV.


Think About This: “None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

April 15, 2010

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Who’s heading to Palm Beach to be the new Creative Services Director at Scripps-owned WPTV? None other than JAMES McKAY, that’s who. GM STEVE WASSERMAN called himself to tell about his new creative chief, who will be making the trip south from his Orlando job as Promotion Manager at FOX affil WOFL. Originally from LA (show of hands – who knows where Diamond Bar is?) James is quite the Floridian now. James has worked in the Sunshine State in Tampa TV. The whole TV and promo gene runs deep…he’s married to KIM PEOPLES, who heads up the creative at CBS affil WKMG in The Big O. So once James begins in PB, on April 26, he’ll become a commuter hubby. Ah, the joys of the Florida Turnpike! Well Dunne! James.

The headline says it all – ABC Sees Success in iPad Apps. The whole story here.

Reminder – EXTRA EXTRA is going to the Cable Show. If you haven’t put them on your news release list, well, tick tock people.

Think About This: “Mistakes are often the garments in which miracles are cloaked!”  ~ Santonio Holmes via his Twitter page