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December 11, 2018

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Switching out the Manager title and duties for the Director title and duties is DAVID TALLARICO, now heading up the Creative Services for Meredith’s CBS affil in Atlanta, WGCL. A Pittsburgher via his degree from the University of, David got into the promo game at Johnstown PA’s WJAC as a producer. That led to WPXI in Pittsburgh, the Cox NBC working with MICHAEL DICKSON. Then he got the top job back at WJAC leading the marketing.  Atlanta put him in the Bigs, and now he’s in the theoretical corner office. Great to hear. Thanks JEFF HOLUB, now Station Manager of WGCL. Well Dunne! David.

Gonna do a Well Dunne! Shopping post where the list of TV marketing pro-made items can be found. Let me know if you’ve got a side hustle. Lots of artists and the like out there.

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November 9, 2018

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It’s a double header. Not one but two marketing pros were tapped for overall station management slots while most of us were asleep. Great news no matter what. Let’s start with JEFF HOLUB who is now the Station Manager for WGCL, Meredith’s CBS in Atlanta, and WPCH. He’s been the CSD there and came after a long and successful run handling creative at FOX in the San Francisco market, legendary KTVU. That’s him in the picture. He sounded more smiley this morning.  Well Dunne! Jeff.

Our twofer is SCOTT CHASTAIN, who many of you know from his time as EVP of Affiliate Marketing and Development at NBC. He’s headed to Lansing where he’ll be VP and GM for the CBS and ABC affils, WLNS and WLAJ respectively. Kudos to Nexstar to have the foresight to see that marketing people know how to run a station, know how to handle people, know how to make sales sing and are like Lake Wobegon children – above average. Scott is a Texas Aggie who has done marketing for stations in New Orleans (WDSU), WXII in Winston-Salem and KBTX in Bryan, TX. A big Well Dunne! Scott.

Marketing people don’t get the respect they so deserve and are rarely considered to run stations, which is a major disappointment. The question asked so often is “Why do so many people leave the TV marketing stations-side biz?”  Well,  there’s no upward mobility by and large. Put in the promo box, nobody asks how many promos one can oversee, write and produce before burn out sets in. Silly moi, I was always under the impression that the trade group was supposed to elevate the role of marketing and creative. Nope. Not even.

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November 5, 2014

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With apologies for being a tad bit late in posting this, let’s hear it for JAY SOMMERVILLE who is the new Senior Commercial Writer/Producer/Editor in Atlanta for CBS46 & Peachtree TV. He’s working with JEFF HOLUB, who is a fave and to whom I do the mea culpa. Jay began October 8 and hit the ground running, coming from KIRO-TV (CBS) in Seattle where has been the Lead Commercial Writer/Producer.  While there Jay helped build and maintain an award winning commercial production team that worked in tandem with the Sales Department.  He has produced commercials at a local, regional and national level, working closely with the KIRO Creative Services team on Special Report promos, Image promos and PSAs.  Prior to KIRO, Jay was a Studio Manager Writer/Producer at a Seattle based production company. So an uber Well Dunne! goes out to Jeff and Jay!

Think About This: “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”  ~ Sheryl Sandberg

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September 17, 2014

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Clients are important and no matter where you are, they’re all the same: they want a commercial that not only sells their product, but also makes them feel good when they watch it. It’s not always easy to get it all done, so Commercial Producers are very valued members of creative teams. JAY SOMMERVILLE has been making clients happy and is headed to CBS and Peachtree TV in Atlanta to be Sr. Commercial Writer/Producer/Editor for JEFF HOLUB and the WGCL sales folks. Jay is coming from Seattle’s KIRO where he was Lead Commercial Writer/Producer. He also worked with the KIRO Creative Services team on Special Report promos, Image promos and PSAs.  Prior to KIRO, Jay was a Studio Manager Writer/Producer at a Seattle based production company. Well Dunne! Jay.


Job Alert – Multi-Platform Creative Services Producer KGW Portland


Think About This: “The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it’s to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel valued.”  ~ Ken Robinson

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March 20, 2014

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Is there a prettier city in the spring than Atlanta? OK, Paris, but I’m talking domestic. Yes, Atlanta and their peachtrees in full bloom win the eyes and hearts of anyone who loves gorgeous. The timing of Atlanta in the spring is going to work out perfectly for DAVID TALLARICO. David is the new Promotion Manager at CBS’ WGCL, or as they brand themselves CBS46 and Peachtree TV (see, Peachtree is big business there). After not just one but two periods at WJAC, the Johnstown PA Sinclair NBC (once as producer and then again as CSD), David will bid adieu to Pennsylvania. He’s a PA boy with a degree from University of Pittsburgh and time as a producer at WPXI in The ‘Burgh. . Best of luck with your new job, David, and you’ll love working with your boss JEFF HOLUB. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – WXYZ Detroit has two (yes 2) open Producer slots. Come work in a dynamic news market for a fabulous company (Scripps) and one of my favorite CSD’s around (DAVE BAUMANN). This is not a paid ad…I mean it when I say it’s a great opportunity.

Well Dunne! Talent’s MELANIE HAYNES isn’t just fab behind the mic (and she is – click her name and give her a listen) but you’ll have the opportunity to see how she shines in front of the cameras as well. She’s just finished shooting an episode of SALEM, a new series for WGN.  Details on when it airs will be made yours in advance so you can set your iCal reminder. Well Dunne! Melanie!

Think About This: “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”  ~ thanks to LEE MINARD who posted this on Facebook.

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November 11, 2013

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Heading back to the south is JEFF HOLUB, who will exit his Director of Marketing slot for KTVU, FOX out in the city by the bay to take the Creative Services Director slot at CBS affil WGCL in Atlanta. In the past, Jeff headed up marketing for WXAN & WSOC in Charlotte after putting in communication time at Piedmont Gas.  The U of Toledo grad did one of my all-time favorite promotions when he sent out a ransom note demanding holiday cheer, accompanied by a little white box with a red reindeer “nose” inside. Sorry that description fails to make the impact his creation did. Well Dunne! Jeff. 

KENNY LAWRENCE is never going to have a problem getting an idea approved by his GM again. He’s now the GM! Kenny had recently been at CBS Atlanta where he as head of Marketing and Program Development. Mr. L heads to Lafayette, LA to be General Manager of CBS affil KLFY, owned by Young. Kenny’s background includes heading up creative at CBS in Boston (he has a degree from Plymouth State in New Hampshire) and has been creative director at Warner Bros Entertainment in LA as well as KCOP. Well Dunne! Kenny

Job Alert – Creative Services Director KJRH Tulsa

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August 28, 2013

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As we head into the Labor Day weekend when so many of us will be biking, hiking, swimming, and playing….or watching those who do..it’s good to know that ROBERT GOTTLIEB has added a new title to his already illustrious title at Fox Sports. He’s now Executive VP of Marketing instead of Senior VP of Marketing. The Emerson College and NYU educated marketing honcho has been with Fox for quite some time, including his stint as SVP-Creative Director of Fox Cable Netwoks. Well Dunne! Mr. G.

BONNIE BARCLAY has been busy (please note the rhythmic cadence to that phase). As the marketing guru for the FX Design Group, she was at RTNDA and it seems she was well turned out at the CNN Bowling Party. Check out the picture and see for yourself. Thanks for sharing Ms. Bonnie!  And don’t forget about the great folks at FX…they rock.


Job Alert – Writer producer KMOV St Louis


Job Alert – Creative SErvices Preditor WTVJ Miami

Job Alert – TV Promo Writer Producer at WRAL Raleigh working with the wonderful SHELLY LESLIE. 

Job Alert – Design Director  KTVU-TV (Group 236)  Oakland/San Francisco/San Jose 

KTVU, one of the top television stations in the country is looking for a Design Director.  You’ll lead our award-winning design department in creating work for News, Promotion, Local Programming, Retail and Sales.  You’ll be responsible for maintaining quality and visual continuity of KTVU’s brand both on-air and off.  We’re looking for someone who can be innovative and bring fresh ideas to one of the strongest brands in the country.  Applicant should have excellent communication skills and be able to work collaboratively with others.  Excellent organization skills with the ability to juggle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment. 

Applicants should be proficient in After-Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Curious Maps, Deko, 3D programs, set design and non-linear editing systems.  You should have at least five years’ experience in a TV station Design Department with previous supervisory experience.  If you’re looking for the dream job – this is it!  KTVU, Bay Area, award-winning staff and all the tools you need!  For more information on who we are, check us out at www.group236.com

Send your cover letter, resume and reel to:  Jeff Holub  Director of Marketing  KTVU Fox 2, KICU & Group 236  2 Jack London Square  Oakland, CA 94607  jeff.holub@ktvu.com  NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE  KTVU is an equal opportunity employer


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May 20, 2011

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It’s hard to leave the gorgeous Monterrey area of California (think heaven with amazing golf) but when a great market and a great opportunity comes around, well, one has to box it up and move. Such is the case with ED EVEREST, who is the new Creative Services Director of Hearst’s WTAE in Pittsburgh. Ed decamps his Hearst-owned KSBW TV where he was CSD and where he recently helped launch Central Coast ABC, a multicast channel situation. He begins his new chapter and the trek across the Rockies come late June. Ed has a degree from Indiana U and has worked doing promo magic in Augusta, GA. When you see him at the PROMAX Station Summit, make sure you give him a high five. Well Dunne! Ed.

Cali is losing another creative when WILL HARRIS leaves for Seattle. Currently the Sr. Writer Producer at Cox’s KTVU in the San Francisco market, Will has been tapped to be the new  Promotion Manager for CBS affil KIRO, also owned by Cox. He’ll be working with the talented CSD MATT LAWS up in the Starbucks headquarter city after spending five years working with CSD JEFF HOLUB in SF. Will graduated from Norfolk State and started his TV career at FOX in Dallas, KDFW. He’s also been with WPHL in Philly. Will starts his new life chapter in June. Well Dunne! Will.

Job Alert – KENS 5 in San Antonio (which is a GREAT place to live) is on the hunt for a creative writer-producer-editor. Send your resumes to CSD ALLEN LANSING –  alansing@kens5.com

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March 18, 2010

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Bravo for the Promotion Patrol. It last checked into SF’s FOX affil, KTVU, where it tapped ERIC GROSS on the shoulder. Now Eric is Design  Director! It’s his first time at the helm of the Art Department, and he got the boot upstairs after five years as Senior Designer at the Cox-owned market leader.  He’s been creative at WSB in Atlanta and WAXN/WSOC in Charlotte before heading west to the Golden Gate. He’s a grad of State U of NY, New Platz and most recently, he received his US Sailings Keelboat Certification. Yep, he has sailing the open seas on his Bucket List. Well Dunne! Eric. Thanks to CSD JEFF HOLUB for the good info.

If you’re slated for the Waldorf on May 17 to attend the Peabody Awards, look for the lovely DIANE SAWYER to host. Or is that hostess?

Canoe in NYC is hiring. If interactive TV advertising floats your boat, they might be your lifesaver.

American ad agencies look longingly at the great work done by agencies in Great Britain. The NYT’s says British ads are better for three reasons. Check out what those three reasons are.

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