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January 9, 2018

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When you talk with JIM SHOWERS, you can hear his intelligence and his enthusiasm. He’s got it, and that it isn’t the flu that’s making everybody miserable. Yesterday (if you’re reading this on Tuesday) was his first day as Creative Services Manager at NBC affil WILX in East Lansing. (BTW, there is a plain ol’ Lansing, and it’s Michigan’s capital, and it’s just west of East Lansing, but we digress…) Jim comes to Michigan from the mountains of east Tennessee where he headed up marketing for WJHL in Johnson City. Gorgeous part of the world. He’s a northwest guy with a degree from the University of Idaho and a Masters from Washington State University. He’s been a creative guy at TV stations in Idaho, Joplin, Mo, Wyoming, and Spartanburg, SC. Along the way he handled athletic media relations for the University of Wyoming (points for knowing the mascots are Pistol Pete and Cowboy Joe). Great guy is gonna heat up the new slot…which is a terrific idea this time of year. Well Dunne! Jim.


Were you one of a long list of phone calls coming from a Well Dunne! phone yesterday? A call that either hung up or said nothing? Well, that’s what happens when a toddler gets hold of your phone and you don’t know it. Gotta laugh.


Think About This: “Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed.” ~ Mwai Kibaki


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July 13, 2015

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Tenacity. Real tenacity. Not a lukewarm effort accompanied by tenacity rhetoric. It’s amazing to behold and asks that we look at our path to see if we exhibit tenacity, and in what degree. Let’s hold up someone who has it, with a capital “T”. Meet JIM SHOWERS, who is the new CSD at WJHL, Media General’s CBS in Johnson City, TN. If you’ve ever been to the mountains of NC, TN and VA, you know how absolutely gorgeous it is. Jim came east with a Masters degree from Washington State U and started his TV career producing commercials for cable in Twin Falls, Idaho. Again, gorgeous country. He jumped in the marketing pond in Pocatello and then landed at KOAM in Joplin, before it was hit by the tornado that tore it in two. He found his way to Casper, Wyoming and ended up running A/V for the University of Wyoming athletic department, a job he loved. Cutting to the chase, he wanted back into broadcasting (the lure is like a siren call) after being in real estate and he ‘started at the bottom’ doing Topicals for Media General in Spartanburg. Give yourself a gold star if you know that’s WSPA, CBS. When the opening in Johnson City popped up, he found himself in one of the prettiest parts of the USA. And that, as previously stated, is tenacity. A big Well Dunne! Jim.

Job Alert – Assistant Marketing Director WWL New Orleans

Job Alert – Assistant Creative Services Director WCVB Boston (work with RUSS NELLIGAN!)


Think About This: “Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.”  ~ Thomas Merton


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