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December 30, 2016

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Think About This:  Let’s trust the magic of beginnings. Let’s let go of petty grievances so we can surmount the actual challenges. Let’s liberally sprinkle the words ‘I love you’ into as many conversations as we can. Let’s remember to speak up when something moves your soul to do so. Let’s spend more time in nature and laugh more times than we feel irked. Let’s let our inner songs be heard and our uniqueness embraced. Let’s remember those who left us in 2016 and welcome new beings, new friends, new experiences and new ideas with gusto. 2016 – don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 2017 – come in and let’s be co-conspirators to new adventures.  ~  Kate Bacon


August 20, 2010

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Ever driven I-10 from Jacksonville to LA? Amazing journey. MIKE GUERRIERI is going to make half the trip when he departs his job at WJXT in Jacksonville, FL and arrives at KPRC in Houston. The Uconn grad has been Director of Creative Services and Local Programming at the independent Post Newsweek operation along the First Coast. He’s official title at Post Newsweek in Houston is about the same. Need verification and Friday afternoons don’t lend themselves to that. Mike has also worked at WDIV in Detroit as well as Meredith’s WFSB in Hartford. Well Dunne! Mike.

So, that leaves the open slots to be:

  1. CSD at KFSN in Fresno,
  2. CSD at WJXT in Jax,
  3. Dir of Marketing at KAAL in Austin, MN,
  4. Promo Manager at WCAV in Charlottesville, VA,
  5. #2 in Albuquerque at KOAT
  6. #2 at WDSU in New Orleans,
  7. Promo Mgr at KPTM/KXVO in Omaha, and that about wraps up the field.

Please join me in wishing my mother a very happy 92nd birthday. Big party planned for Sunday for a woman who has not only watched a young pilot named Lindberg practice landing and taking off but also been on hand for a night time launch at Kennedy Space Center.

Think About This: “Nobody can give you any guarantees in life, so eat desert first and never pass up a chance to laugh and be joyful.”  ~ Kate Bacon

April 14, 2010

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PROMAX announced some of the great speakers coming up for the June conference. So glad to see JOHN MILLER of NBC on the list. He’s the most entertaining and interesting presenter. And for those who need an extra reminder, LEE HUNT always blows you away. For the list, click here. http://prod.promaxbda.org/conference/speakers.aspx

Job Alert.  NATPE is looking for a Marketing Assistant. Temp part time… in LA. Info here

Not one of the 88,000 at NAB? Then you missed the session Ad Impressions No Longer Impress. Read about it here.

Hey you graphics and art folks. The Communications Arts Design competition has kicked off. Details here.

We love Betty White. And it’s with great fanfare that Pink’s Hot Dogs, an LA food tradition, is naming a new dog after her when they open their first Valley locale. Read about what makes a Betty dog a Betty dog here.

April 15, take in an empty travel  mug and Starbucks will fill it up – for free! Yep. Cool.

Quick reminder. KATE BACON is the author of the Well Dunne! blog. There’s been some confusion and I want to get you sorted out. Carry on.

Think About This: "Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do." ~ Byron Katie

Live Blogging the 82nd Academy Awards

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Movie lovers, it’s that thrilling time again! Join us at 7:30 PM as we LIVE BLOG the Oscars! Joining me will be new media maven and all around fun party gal Alison Woo, who will be with a whole host of other bloggers at NYC’s Paley Center for the Media. Who knows what kind of surprises we’ll have?

Just come back to the blog at 7:30 PM  EST and we’ll have it all: the fashion, the fun, the movies and the marketing (or lack therof!)  And tell your friends!

If you’re reading this via e-mail, click Well Dunne’s link to read the transcript of the event. And be sure to leave your comments, too!

March 3, 2010

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First day of March was the first day that MICHAEL LEACH was in his new job. Timing is such a nice thing. Mr. Michael had been Ass’t Creative Services Director at  Hearst’s Winston-Salem NC NBC affil, WXII under MARK STRAND. Now Michael is heading the department and has all the enthusiasm you can imagine. The native New Yorker has worked in Rochester as a writer producer for WROC/WUHF before heading to the beautiful mid-NC market which includes the world famous furniture mart. He loves the NC environ, but still isn’t sure about how to be less than an enthusiastic basketball fan in an area where basketball is just short of religion. Well Dunne! Michael.

HGTV’s Design Star seems to have had a very successful promo campaign…totally online.

Luis Vitton has always been overly proud of that logo. Now, that brand protection is going to court and taking on Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial where they put the Vitton look on a basketball. Silly lawsuit or good brand practice?

In LA? Buy an LA Times this am…check out page 3 of the Biz Section. Oh, look. Well Dunne! Talent.

Mercedes Benz has a new voice for their brand. Mad Men’s JON HAMM.

Duh – Oscars are coming up. Friday AM, don’t forget to tune into Well Dunne! Talent’s MITCH PHILLIPS radio show and hear an hour of fun and talk about entertainment. His sidekick on Fridays is a lady with a great laugh who calls herself McGEE. Hmmmm…she sounds a lot like KATE BACON.

Think About This: “When you cease trying to control and manipulate your experience, meditation spontaneously happens.” ~ Adyashanti