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March 16, 2016

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Trading gorgeous Colorado for the Grand Canyon State is EBONYE DELANEY, headed to Scripps’ ABC KNXV, aka abc15, and their super CSD JIM HART. Ebonye will be handling promos, including topicals, and she’ll be a wonderful addition to the creative team. The University of North Texas grad is a do-it-all lady who knows how to punch a newscast and has, as Director at  KYTX in Tyler and then again in the Rose City at Raycom’s KLTV. She was promoted to News Ops Manager there, where the Promo folks spotted an asset and she was intrigued with the marketing aspect. From Texas she went to KOAA in Colorado Springs where then-CSD SYDNEY RUBIN had her doing promos when not directing the news itself. Now she’s ‘leaving the dark side’ and going full promo. Gonna love The Valley of the Sun. Well Dunne! Ebonye.

Job Alert – Creative Director, On-Air Promotions Oxygen NYC

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Well Dunne for Monday, November 16, 2009

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OMG (as the kids say) the coolest promo was on the air in Phoenix this last week. So cool one of the newspapers wrote about it (Click here) and it just has to be shared. The creative services department of Scripps ABC affil KNXV under leadership of JIM HART aired this kick-it spot during, what else, V. Loving it and it cut through the clutter. Wahoo! Well Dunne! all involved.  Trying to post it here… oh Brandon…Brandon!

Are you call letters worthy of keeping as a brand? How about your online branding? Read the B&C article.

Imagine this: training a great staff then letting them do the job. Wow…what a concept. Works for Ritz Carlton. I know it would work for you. Yes, you should pass it along.

Know what Sezmi is? It’s called a Cable Killer.

Hyundai is going to buy 5 Super Bowl spots. That’s a lot of cash. Read about their plans here,

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