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June 1, 2017

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TV marketing has lost a talent…but the good news is that WGBH, the Boston PBS station that sets the bar way, way, way high for everything….well, WGBH has gained themselves a winner. The talent in question is JASON KASHDAN, who has joined the Frontline digital video team as an editor/producer for the highly recognized documentary series.  He’s left his slot as Creative Services Producer for CBS’ Boston station, WBZ. Jason’s been a video creative for a long time. He earned his degree from Boston U where he was in front of the camera for a student online series his freshman year. His work for the Boston Skating Club landed him at USA Sports Media Group as videographer as well as an internship at CBS News in NYC. Next came work at CBS Interactive for CBSThisMorning.com.  He was freelancing before WBZ picked him for their marketing efforts.  Very excited for him…and he’s one to watch. Well Dunne! Jason.

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WWAY Wilmington NC

Bravery takes on many forms. Bravery with a purpose is one of the best, and that’s what former promo pro turned KVUE GM KRISTIE GONZALES has on her iCal. She’s going to rappel down one of those high rises that make up the Austin, Texas skyline. Yep, go right off the roof hooked onto a rope and make her way down, down, down 38 floors to solid ground. It’s not Texas politics that are taking her over the edge (although they could they’re so crazy) but a great cause: Make-A-Wish Central and South Texas.  Come on…throw in a few bucks and help someone….really make a difference…and Kristie will handle the rest. Perhaps she can wear a GoPro? 

Think About This: “Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”  ~  Jenny Han

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February 1, 2017

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Austin, Texas isn’t just home to UT and capital of the Lone Star State. It’s an amazing, vibrant city that loves music, bar-b-q, TexMex, SXSW…and Willie Nelson lives there. It’s where MARK WILLENBORG has been CSD (named changed to Director of Marketing) for KVUE for over 12 years, doing a magnificent job and being the greatest guy around. A gentleman – which is worth more than gold. Got word today from his GM, former promo pro KRISTIE GONZALES, that Mark is hanging up his TV hat so he can join The Wittliff Collections at Texas State University in San Marcos, which is just down the road from Austin. (yes, the outlet mall there is THAT good…) Mark will be marketing their archives of writers, photographers and musicians from Texas and Mexico including the afore-mentioned Willie, plus luminaries like Cormac McCarthy and Sandra Cisneros. THAT sounds muy exciting. Mark worked for two other operations under the Belo banner, KHOU in Houston and Texas Cable News in Dallas. He’s got a degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches. Nobody deserves a new exciting path, but TV will be the less for it. Well Dunne! Mark. BTW, he’ll be at KVUE until February 4…give him a Well Dunne! yourself.

Job Opening – Director of Marketing KVUE Austin (best News Director in the country MIKE REDDING!!!)



Job Opening  – Sr. Promo Producer KSHB Kansas City 


KEVIN KOLBE, who heads up the creative at FOX50 in Raleigh, is embarking on what seems like an ideal promo, only he’s not really doing it as a promo.  Kevin’s a big fan of Keifer Sutherland and 24, and when it was on (before Kiefer became The Lone Survivor), Mr. Kolbe teamed with uber-popular Raleigh market MIX radio man BILL JORDAN to do Two Guys Talking 24 vlog.  Now that 24:Legacy is coming, in an exciting new form but some some of the same characters, they’re turning on the cameras again and are going to repeat the fun. What a great promo…FOX folks you listening? They’ll be posting their vlog on Tuesdays….I’ll be there. Well Dunne! Kevin and Bill.

Think About This: “Every moment of one’s existence one is growing into more or retreating into less. One is always living a little more or dying a little bit.”  ~ Norman Mailer

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June 9, 2016

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Just the other day, the mini-rant here on this site dealt with the fact CSDs and creative folk are usually overlooked for General Manager slots, despite the fact they know how things work better than anybody else inside a station/network/operation. Somebody must have been reading and taken it to heart, because a creative is heading to the cornet office of KVUE, the Tegna ABC affiliate in Austin, TX. KRISTIE GONZALES is forsaking her Promotion and Digital Brand Manager slot at ABC flagship WABC in NYC for the Texas Capital where her official title will be President and GM. She’s a New Mexico lady – a lobo – who’s worked in Bakersfield, Philly and Raleigh. Score one for Creatives. Well Dunne! Kristie.

At the same time "we" gain a GM slot, a creative is stepping away from his. MARV DANIELSKI is leaving KSDK in St. Louis in early July. Perhaps a creative will follow in his footsteps? Tegna? Tegna? Buehler?

Job Alert – Promotion and Digital Brand Manager WABC NYC

If you haven’t watched Joy, the Jennifer Lawrence film about the lady who designed a mop, you should. Besides an amazing script (the story about a mop doesn’t necessarily make you get goosebumps so how terrific was that script!) it has a great insight into QVC and marketing. Redbox it.

Think About This:  "Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust – we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper."   ~  Albert Einstein

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December 22, 2014

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Looking for just the right person to fill a specific creative slot takes patience, persistence and even a bit of luck. When it all comes together, the wait seems like nothing. Such is the case when ABC affil WMAR CSD ALEXANDER SHAW was on the hunt for an addition to his department. He wanted a Senior Producer/Editor and he found a perfect fit in ZACH THIELEN, who started on December 10. As Alex shared with the WMAR staff: Previously Zach worked for several years at Agora Financial in Baltimore where he produced high-concept videos, infographics and other forms of multimedia, and has also taught a screenwriting course at Howard Community College.  He comes to us with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film from Syracuse University, and a degree in Screenwriting from the School of Visual Arts.  What great news from Scripps’ Balto. Well Dunne! Zach.

Our own HARRY LEGG not only rocks it behind the mic…he’s suited up (literally) and shown he has what it takes to sparkle in front of the camera as well, all thanks to the great folks at WABC, namely KRISTIE GONZALES and PATRICK STAPLETON. Ho Ho Ho and Well Dunne!  https://vimeo.com/wabccreative/review/114929576/cdc25b9dd2

Think About This:  Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot just by watching”.

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March 14, 2014

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JIM GORMAN’s creative department at NYC’s flagship WABC just announced two exciting happenings. First, KRISTIE GONZALES is going to be taking the Promotion and Digital Brand Manager slot that opened when KAY PONDER announced her retirement. Ms. Kristie will take I-95 north from Raleigh, where she’s been heading up the Creative Services and Programming for WTVD, another ABC property. She’s no stranger to the NE, having worked at WPVI in Philly and WSFN in Fresno. She’ll be starting April 7. Well Dunne! Kristie.

Secondly, promo producer BRANDON NELSON has been promoted to Senior Promotion Producer. He’s a talent that has been on the front line of WABC’s news topical and image efforts, and he’s the go-to guy who knows how to keep the brand happy and on course. Well Dunne! Brandon.

Job Alert – Promotions Coordinator KXAN Austin

Today is Pi Day. Please, no blonde jokes about lemon meringue.

Anybody see the Jack Daniels spot that ties Sinatra and their brand together? It’s good. So good that I’m not even a whiskey drinker and I want to buy it.

Think About This:  “If you make friends with yourself, you will never be alone.”  ~ Maxwell Maltz

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2014 – January 1

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Happy New Year one and all. Starting off a new cycle of 365 with a promotion is always a good omen, eh? No doubt why BRANSON KIMBALL is smiling in the picture. He’s been named Assistant Creative Services Director of ABC’s WTVD in the Raleigh Durham market. Branson has been doing fab work as Sr. Writer Producer, which is what one expects from an App State grad. Let’s hear it for Boone and App State!! Branson gets a big Well Dunne! with many more to come.

Meanwhile, his CSD CHRISTIE GONZALES is in Sydney Australia over this holiday season. While many of you are digging out from winter snow, she’s enjoying summer temps along with the kangaroos. 

While the spotlight is on North Carolina, best wishes and all happiness go out to Media General’s CBS affil WNCT’s MARC MORRISTON who tied the knot this holiday season. All the best Mr. and Mrs. M.

Job Alert – 2C Media in Miami Florida has a couple of positions currently open: SENIOR GRAPHICS DESIGNER and SUPERVISING PROMO WRITER/PRODUCER. I’ve got details….

Well Dunne! Talent sadly must take more time away due to travel and a sudden loss. But please let us know about your new jobs, open slots and anything that can put a smile on faces. Stay warm and enjoy today’s Think About This.

Think About This:  “I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you’ll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you’ll make something that didn’t exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return. And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now), that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind.”  ~ Neil Gaiman


November 26, 2013

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Butch and Sundance. Martin and Lewis. Miles and Kahle. Yes, you probably know the first two as great pairings. Well, Miles is CURTIS MILES, VP of Programming and Creative at ABCs WLS in Chicago and Kahle is KHRIS KAHLE, his soon-to-be new Assistant Creative Services Director. It’s the third time the two have worked together…and the pairing seems to be a success for everyone involved. Khris will be departing ABC’s WTVD in the Raleigh-Durham market (that was station #2 where the two collaborated). KHRIS and family will be hitting the Miracle Mile just in time to check out the holiday décor… Well Dunne! Khris.

Job Alert – Assistant Creative Services Director WTVD Raleigh-Durham. Send your stuff to the lovely KRISTIE GONZALES Kristie.gonzales@abc.com

Think About This:  "So often we try to gird ourselves to face a harsh and difficult world when we might instead gentle both ourselves and our world just by slowing down. …We could take a cue from music here: ‘Rest’ is musical term for a pause between flurries of notes. Without that tiny pause, the torrent of notes can be overwhelming. Without a rest in our lives, the torrent  ~ Julia Cameron


November 6, 2013

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Hard work pays off…gotta believe that. And as proof, behold the new Promo Manager for FOX’s Memphis operation, ALISTAIR CLARK. His work has impressed his CSD, WAHEED ALQUASAMI, who wrote this about his new PM:  “Alistair has been our promotions producer for the past three years. During that time he has helped us launch many award-winning campaigns and has been a crucial asset to our department. I have personally seen Alistair flourish into a very effective writer and cinematographer.”  Well Dunne! Alistair.

Job Alert –  Promotion Producer & Production Assistant WTVD Durham 

ABC11 WTVD, the ABC owned station in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina is looking for our next great Promotion Producer. Producing on-air promos is just the tip of the iceberg at ABC11. You’ll be promoting our branded content on every platform including TV, radio, digital and social. Our Creative Services Department is not satisfied with doing things the way they’ve always been done. If that resonates with you, here’s the chance to join our team and the Disney ABC family. Strong writing skills and ability to edit required. One or two years’ experience as a topical/promotion producer is preferred as well as non-linear (FCP) editing experience. And of course, you will need the drive and energy to succeed in the fast-paced, ever changing world of television.

This position also includes operation of multiple robotic cameras during newscasts and other studio productions as instructed by the director. Must be able to succeed under the pressure of a live television production environment, exhibit great attention to detail, self-motivated and be a team player. Must be able to prioritize and service multiple requests, remain calm under pressure and show a willingness to learn and embrace new technologies.

Please send examples of your promotion work to Kristie Gonzales, Director of Creative Services & Local Programing, ABC11, 411 Liberty Street, Durham, NC  27701 or email Kristie.gonzales@abc.com

Interesting article on brand tie-ins on Food Network via Variety. Click here.


Think About This: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”  ~  Lao Tzu




February 14, 2013

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Cross county moves are totally energizing. Different vibes, different weather, different architecture and landscape. Always keeps the brain sharp. Making such a cross country move is KRISTIE GONZALES, who will be traveling from her slot in Fresno, CA to her new slot of CSD at ABC’s WTVD in Raleigh – Durham, as in North Carolina. Google maps puts the trip at approximately 2,645 miles. Ms. Kristie will bring that California sunshine to the NC capital – she’s been Creative Services and Public Affairs Director at ABC’s KFSN. She’s had a very exciting 2013 so far, including a trip to Rome. Kristie has worked at WPVI in Philadelphia as well as Albuquerque’s KOB and KOAT, the CBS and ABC affils. The big move happens in mid March. A great big Well Dunne! to Kristie.

Job Alert – Creative Services Manager for Cablevision in Bethpage, NY

Job Alert – KTVT’s ubercool DAVID HERSHEY is on the hunt for a writer producer. Deets: Promotion Writer-Producer   KTVT CBS 11 – Dallas-Fort Worth
KTVT, CBS 11 in Dallas-Fort Worth is seeking a full-time promotion writer producer.  We are the owned and operated CBS station for North Texas.  Responsibilities include news ‘sweeps’ promotion, image campaigns, sports creative and some topical promotion.  Must be able to write, produce edit and even occasionally shoot and direct.  No beginners.

This is a rare opening for our team and we are determined to hire the very best talent available.  The ideal candidate already will have 3-5 years experience in a medium to large market and is very comfortable with Final Cut Pro.

Is that you?  If so, apply online at cbsdfw.com and send your best demo reel to:
David Hershey
VP of Creative Services
CBS 11/TXA 21
5233 Bridge Street
Fort Worth Texas 76103
Or, send your online demo to:
The position is based in Fort Worth, TX.  Texas has no state income tax and the cost of living is extremely low.  This opportunity won’t last long so don’t wait!  We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Think About This: "Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you."  ~ John De Paola


January 15, 2013

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ABC Fresno has a new Promotion Manager. Let’s hear it for TIM SARQUIS who is already hard at work – this is a promotion you see. After three years at ABC30, which is the name KFSN uses in the Fresno market, Tim got the boost up the ladder. Let me turn this over to KRISTIE GONZALES, the Creative Services and Public Affairs Director for more details. BTW, the Public Affairs part of her title is new…so it’s another Well Dunne! moment. “Tim started as an intern here in August 2005 and returned in December 2009 as a Promotion Specialist.  Whether it’s letting cats crawl all over him to get the perfect shot, trying to change a blown tire by the side of 99 or handling sweeps promotion by himself, Tim has proved his capabilities many times over.  He has helped earn the station Alpha Award nominations, helped boost our Facebook page by the thousands and helped design and launch a new look for Action News” Well Dunne! Tim.

While you were relaxing this weekend, SCOTT MORRISON was becoming a dad. The WSFA Creative Services Director welcomed Rivers Morgan Morrison, one handsome young man, to the world and to Montgomery, AL specifically. Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 

A robot restaurant. How much fun. It’s happening in Harbin, China, population 10 million people. No robot count at this time.

Think About This: … We could take a cue from music here: ‘Rest’ is musical term for a pause between flurries of notes. Without that tiny pause, the torrent of notes can be overwhelming. Without a rest in our lives, the torrent of our lives can be the same"  ~  Julia Cameron


March 25, 2011

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Talk about One To Watch…put NOELLE KEARNS on that list. She’s the newest member of JIM HART’S Creative crew at Scripps’ ABC affil KNXV in Phoenix. Noelle began on Monday and is calling The Valley of the Sun home,  leaving behind the still wintry weather on the East Coast. She’s as native to Philadelphia as a cheese steak. Noelle began at WPVI in Philly, working her way up from Intern to part-time Associate Promo Producer. Her teachers on this journey? One uber-talented MIKE MONSELL, VP and Creative Honcho at ABC’s station in the City of Brotherly Love. And the other was effervescent KRISTIE GONZALES, now CSD at ABC in Fresno – but when taking Noelle under her wing, Kristie was crafting promos at WPVI. Noelle has a degree from Temple and I hope she gets as big a kick out of the saguaro cactus as I do!  Big Well Dunne! Noelle.

Demographics are dead. So says CBS Research Guru DAVID POLTRACK, and he’s truly the best research person around. The end of the 18-49 demo.

What a wonderful promotion The History Channel has. Check out the National Civil War Student Challenge. You can play without officially competing since its pretty sure none of you are still in high school. Just how well versed you are in Civil War history?

The Mercury Radio Awards are calling for submissions for their 2011 Awards. If you have radio spots or a campaign, you’ll want to get the info here. Pondering why entry fees for ALL competitions have skyrocked…seriously. Wow.

Yesterday, I made a mistake and need to fix it right now. STEPHEN ARNOLD is how you spell STEPHEN’s name. With a Ph…not a v. He’s already forgiven me and I won’t make that mistake again. So all you in search of great music, you know how to correctly spell his name!

Think About This: “That seemingly scary condition, whatever it may be, is not the problem. It’s your reaction that has you shaking. And that’s why, if you’ll become conscious of a fearful condition instead of afraid of it, you’ll change forever your relationship with fear." ~ Guy Finley

March 13, 2011

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Great to hear from CSD KRISTIE GONZALES over at ABC30, (KFSN for those who are still into calls) in Fresno. The bubbly Kristie shared that she has hired CHAD MOONEY as Graphic Artist in the Creative Services Department. He’s a real pro with a knack for 2D and 3D animations who has been doing his magic as well as chalking up time as Manager of Digital Media. Merci Ms. Kristie and Well Dunne! Chad.

Up in NYC, CNN Worldwide is welcoming JANET ROLLE to the position of EVP and Chief Marketing Officer. Janet, who studied at the prestigious Columbia U Biz School, was most recently at BET Networks as EVP-CMO, where she was named “10 Who Made Their Mark” in 2010 by Ad Age. Janet has been at AOL as VP and GM of AOL Black Voices and their Women’s and Lifestyle Programming. She’s also made her creative mark at MTV Networks and HBO. A tennis enthusiast, we say Well Dunne! Janet.

Job Alert: Director of On-Air Creative at OWN…

Job Alert: Sr. Writer Producer – Creative Services at TNT in Atlanta

Think About This: "You can make a difference! You may be only one person, but one is all it takes to bring change. We call this the Power of One. When you have zeros you have nothing, but when you put the number one before the zeros, you have millions and billions. It is always the inspiration of one person that starts great movements of change in this world, whether these changes are social, political, or spiritual."  ~ Chrissie Blaze & Gary Blaze

October 4, 2010

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Kickin’ off Monday morning with a new job is JAMIE MCDOWELL. She’s finding her way around KOIN today. The New Vision CBS affiliate in Portland tapped her for the new Creative Service Director. Former CSD RODGER O’CONNOR is still in the building, handling a more diverse demand for creative input and dealing with an increased sales demand and doing his creative thing. Lucky station to have two such talents. Everybody is happy about this new arrangement, nobody more so than Jamie. She’s a TV pro having worked at KASY in Albuquerque and at the Tribune operation in Seattle, KCPQ. The the last two and a half years, she’s been doing her own thing and calling it Vertical Studios LLC, based in Portland. She’s been producing lots of “marketable content”, everything from commercials to web vignettes to trade show video. What lured her back to the world of TV marketing? The GM at KOIN, TIM PERRY. Well Dunne! Jamie. Very exciting.

Oops…I misspelled KRISTIE GONZALES’ name when I wrote about her last week. She’s headed across country to take the lead creatively at KFSN in Fresno. And arriving just in time to get some good research started, she said. Sorry ‘bout that, Kristie, with a K. But keep in touch and good luck on that house hunt. Well Dunne! to you again and safe travels.

Well Dunne! Talent’s NICK SANABRIA is back from a relaxing week down in the Caribbean, all tanned and ready to do voice work. Nick’s quite the guy if you haven’t heard him – click his name and give a listen. He’s the one who did that hilarious viral hit Marriage Horserace, you know.

Speaking of Well Dunne! Talent….now that SCOTT CHAPIN is retiring from his station voice duties as of January 1, time to check out the range and capacity of the Well Dunne! roster.

Harvard Business Review takes an interesting look at how GE refocused their marketing efforts into four areas and how the marketing folks are now getting a whole lot more respect.

Think About This: "Spiritual seekers look for self-realization or enlightenment in the future. To be a seeker implies that you need the future. If this is what you believe, it becomes true for you: you will need time until you realize that you don’t need time to be who you are." ~ Eckhart Tolle

Sept 30 2010

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USC and Pomona College grad CAROL KRUSE is the new Senior Vice President of Marketing at ESPN. Carol comes over from Coca-Cola where for the past 9 years she was VP of global interactive marketing. Yes, that means she’ll be trading her Atlanta office for a New York one. She was part of the team that came up with My Coke Rewards. She’ll start at ESPN in late October. Well Dunne! Carol.

KRISTIE GONZALES is trading Philadelphia for Fresno, where she will take the CSD slot at ABC’s KFSN. She’s currently writing and producing for CSD MIKE MONSELL at WPVI in the City of Brotherly Love. Kristie hails from New Mexico, where she began her TV career editing for Hearst’s KOAT. She then wrote and produced promos for Hubbard’s KOB. Both stations are in Albuquerque. Well Dunne! Kristie. And yes, Mike is looking for a writer producer to take Christie’s place.

Job Alert: Comcast in LA is looking for a “promo superstar” who writes, produces and edits, all creatively of course. Let me know and I’ll hook you up to the right website.

Job Alert: The Christian Broadcasting Network in ‘Virginia Beach, VA is looking for a Manager of Creative Services.

One more Job Alert: NATPE in LA is looking for a temp marketing coordinator. If interested send request for job description to marketing@natpe.org. No doubt a lot to be done before the NATPE 2011 hoo-haw set for Miami in late January.

All warm wishes to a healthy recovery go out to Well Dunne! Talent’s JEFF O’NEIL, who is of perfect sound voice, but is recovering from a little procedure for which the MD said ‘rest”’…so he is. Obviously, Jeff is a great voice who can take direction!

For those news junkies amongst us, there’s a new online site that pretty much covers the world of local TV news…and best of all, its free. http://www.the247newsroom.com/

Take a gander at The Wrap’s headline: 5 Reasons We’re Over the Overnights.

Anybody else find it ironic that cause marketing, which local TV has done better than any other medium, is now all the rage and advertisers are using TV time to promote their cause marketing…while at the same time TV stations have all but dropped causes in relation to their brand?

Think About This:
  “Heaven is here, and it’s available for everybody, but we need to have the eyes to perceive it.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz