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November 28, 2018

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There have more than a few talented people who have made a switch from being part of the news departments to being part of creative services (aka marketing and or promotions), so when CHUCK HARRELL took a slot at Nexstar’s KRON in San Francisco in their news, well THAT makes it news-news. Not quite along the lines of Man Bites Dog, but still…  Mr, Chuck is now the Digital Content Producer, taking all his talent, skills and tech know-how to their online sites. What a great idea. KRON is actually exploring different ideas to deliver news in a way today’s consumers (once called viewers) will use. Not just talk about it…doing. Excellent. Chuck has a background that includes doing promos for WNCN and WRAL in his native North Carolina as well as at KTVU and KGO in the Bay Area. At one time, he worked for Apple, so he is the go-to guy who can solve a problem if the IT folks are tied up. A big Well Dunne! to Chuck.

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer WUTR Utica (work with TERRY KOWALSKI)

Job Alert – Associate Producer Creative Services WMUR Manchester NH

Job Alert – Promotions and Marketing Associate WJXT Jacksonville

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March 1, 2016

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You know how some people are East Coast People and some are West Coast People…well, put STEVE POITRAS down as definitely a West Coast guy. As a matter of fact, he’s really a total Californian. And in keeping with his Golden State identity, he’s got a new job right across the bay from his last one. Mr. P is the new Creative Services Director for KRON, the Young- Media General operation in the city made famous for tech, and chocolate. And hills. Steve had been over at FOX’s KTVU in Oakland. It was his second time at KTVU, once back when Cox owned the station and he was Director of Marketing. The UCLA grad spent several years at CBS’ KPIX as VP Station Manager and was in LA as VP Marketing for Trib’s KTLA. Still hugging the Pacific, he was CSD for KFMB in San Diego. If Location is a gift, Steve is one lucky guy. Well Dunne! Steve.

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