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March 26, 2010

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Adding an XX chromosome to a department that is XY…isn’t that a lovely way to put hiring a woman? Yep, and it’s how CSD CHRIS HUSSEY described his new writer producer at NBC affil KWWL in Waterloo, Iowa. The Dispatch Newspaper owned station has seen MARIA MAGNER make the switch from News to Creative Services, where her ability to promote the news product is all the more keen, having toiled amongst the Who, What, Where, When and Why crowd. Everybody seems very thrilled about it. Well Dunne! Maria.

BTW, Chris has the most interesting phone message when you dial him. Worth a daily moment to hear what he has come up with.

Job Alert: Creative Director for Sleuth in NYC. I’ll hook you up with the info if you’re interested.

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Think About This: “Passover has a message for the conscience and the heart of all mankind. For what does it commemorate? It commemorates the deliverance of a people from degrading slavery, from most foul and cruel tyranny. And so, it is Israel’s – nay, God’s protest against unrighteousness, whether individual or national.”  ~ Morris Joseph