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August 17, 2011

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One of the best parts of doing this information sheet (the word blog is so…unseemly) is meeting the most interesting people. Such is the case with the latest member of the Promotion Manager Club, MARIA ROBISON. DC girl Maria, from Warrenton on the Virginia side of all those state lines, is now in Kansas City, just named – make that just promoted, to Promotion Manager at KCTV/KSMO , the Meredith owned CBS and MyTV affils. The Virginia Tech grad started her career in promotion (what a smart young one she was) at WVVA in Bluefield, WV and then moved over to Belo’s WVEC in Norfolk. But what makes this an even better story is her inspiration. So, in her own words: Inspiration:  My mother is a videographer and I grew up with edit racks in my home.  Her home business was called Suvaun Video Productions.  I knew I really wanted to work in TV when I visited the Newseum (the original one in Arlington) the first year it opened.  It was a field trip for my High School newspaper class. My mother and I took a special trip to the Newseum a couple years ago together at the new location in DC.  A TV station just feels like home to me. How lovely. Well Dunne! Ms. Maria. 

In today’s economy, it’s downright exhilarating to find a station that not only believes in their creative services people, but put money where their belief is. Such is the case with WDTN, Lin’s ABC affiliate in Dayton, Ohio and sister station WBDT, Dayton’s CW.  Led by the talented STEVE BAILEY, WDTN’s creatives now have a brand new sandbox, so to speak, in which to create. They’re built an all new and everything working work space…really state of the art. Way cool. No wonder Apple stock is up there. Steve and his 12 member creative crew are lucky, indeed. Well Dunne! Lin Broadcasting.


Job Alert – Promotion Manager at WFLA, and that now includes The Tampa Tribune and TBO.com

Now THIS is useful information. 22 Things To Do During A Boring Conference Call.

Before we all get our knickers in a twist over the study that says for every hour of TV one watches, 22 minutes of life is taken away. Not too sure of that. My mother is about to turn 94 and has watched TV from the very first day, being in the biz and all. She’s laughing at the report. of course, her mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be, which is where TV might get its revenge. 


Think About this: “Nobody’s questioning your authority – we’re just telling you what to do.” ~ Peter Dragon’s line from the sadly oft-overlooked comedy series Action