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December 2, 2013

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Name three things that are Philly to the max. 1 – Cheese steaks. Good answer.  2 – Rocky Balboa jogging up those stairs. Yep, that’s true 3 – Cream cheese. Ha! Name only. Let’s add NOELLE KEARNS to the list. The Philly lady is back in the City of Brotherly Love, writing and producing super marketing for MIKE MONSELL at ABC’s WPVI. She worked there and even was an intern there, so it’s rather like home. Ms. Noelle had been out in Phoenix at Scripps’ KNXV, the ABC in the Valley of the Sun, but I guess those snow-free winters are now a thing of the past. The Temple grad (yep, that’s in Philadelphia) is happy and that’s such great news to report. Well Dunne! Noelle.

Well Dunne! Talent’s HARRY LEGG took off for Germany during the Thanksgiving holiday and from the sound of things, he’s having a blast. He’s a super voice those of you who are realizing it’s December and you need to make some changes!

Job Alert – w/p WBNG Binghamton, NY

Job Alert – CSD at KNXV Phoenix

Anybody catch the REALLY well edited ABC Family How The Grinch Stole Christmas/25 Days of Christmas spots that ran over the holiday? IMPRESSIVE indeed. Whomever did those – Well Dunne! 

FYI – Well Dunne! Talent site is going to be up and down the next few days while some very tech-savy folks do their thing. But fear not…it’s all going to be better in the long run. If you need anything, just call. You remember that old fashioned phone thing, right?

Think About This: "Seek and reverence the light in the heart of every soul you meet. Remember the light shining in the heart of the simplest earth child; reverence that, and help that light in your brother-sister to shine. So, gradually, the light will spread throughout the world, and the new age of brotherhood will truly dawn" ~ White Eagle

November 9, 2011

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Fun App Alert. Well Dunne! Talent’s NICK SANABRIA is one of the voices you’ll hear when you download My Personal Announcer. The name says it all. The iTunes store is
just a click away.

KIM SHERMAN is one lucky lady. The Temple grad interned in the Creative Services Department of ABC’s WPVI in Phillly, market #4, learning the ropes from CSD MIKE MONSELL. Now she has her first real job in TV working as a promotion producer at WLTX, the CBS affil in Columbia, SC. She’s calling CSD MICHAEL PENIX boss and is in great hands to further her promo chops. Well Dunne! Kim.

Job Alert – SVP of Marketing for History Channel. Job # 110640

Anybody else struck by the irony of discussing privacy on a Facebook page? BBC World News…I’m talking to you.

Here’s a new one…company proposes to do publicity for startups in exchange for equity. 

Think About This: "You are an Angel, and your life is your message."  ~ Don Miguel Ruiz


March 25, 2011

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Talk about One To Watch…put NOELLE KEARNS on that list. She’s the newest member of JIM HART’S Creative crew at Scripps’ ABC affil KNXV in Phoenix. Noelle began on Monday and is calling The Valley of the Sun home,  leaving behind the still wintry weather on the East Coast. She’s as native to Philadelphia as a cheese steak. Noelle began at WPVI in Philly, working her way up from Intern to part-time Associate Promo Producer. Her teachers on this journey? One uber-talented MIKE MONSELL, VP and Creative Honcho at ABC’s station in the City of Brotherly Love. And the other was effervescent KRISTIE GONZALES, now CSD at ABC in Fresno – but when taking Noelle under her wing, Kristie was crafting promos at WPVI. Noelle has a degree from Temple and I hope she gets as big a kick out of the saguaro cactus as I do!  Big Well Dunne! Noelle.

Demographics are dead. So says CBS Research Guru DAVID POLTRACK, and he’s truly the best research person around. The end of the 18-49 demo.

What a wonderful promotion The History Channel has. Check out the National Civil War Student Challenge. You can play without officially competing since its pretty sure none of you are still in high school. Just how well versed you are in Civil War history?

The Mercury Radio Awards are calling for submissions for their 2011 Awards. If you have radio spots or a campaign, you’ll want to get the info here. Pondering why entry fees for ALL competitions have skyrocked…seriously. Wow.

Yesterday, I made a mistake and need to fix it right now. STEPHEN ARNOLD is how you spell STEPHEN’s name. With a Ph…not a v. He’s already forgiven me and I won’t make that mistake again. So all you in search of great music, you know how to correctly spell his name!

Think About This: “That seemingly scary condition, whatever it may be, is not the problem. It’s your reaction that has you shaking. And that’s why, if you’ll become conscious of a fearful condition instead of afraid of it, you’ll change forever your relationship with fear." ~ Guy Finley

Noveber 16, 2010

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This from one of my faves – MIKE MONSELL, who wrangles the Creatives at ABC’s WPVI in Philly: “With great pleasure, the Creative Services Department welcomes EVAN CUTTIC to the position of writer / producer. For the past year, Evan has been doing the news, working as an Action News producer.  But now his talents and effort will go to promoting the news! Evan has actually been with the 6abc family since the summer of 2008, first as a CS intern, followed by a three month stint as a temporary associate producer. A 2008 graduate of Penn State University, Evan was an honor student and production entertainment captain of the PSU Dance Marathon (THON). Please join me in congratulating Evan, and welcome him to his new role with 6abc.” So everybody, let’s hear it…Well Dunne! Evan. And thanks Mike.

Remember yesterday when we shared the good news about JIM WINDSOR’s new gig at WMAQ in Chicago/ Well, that part is totally correct. He’s digging Chi-Town and I bet they are digging him, too. However, he has never worked in Little Rock. I made a mistake. No word on whether he has even visited Little Rock. OK, carry on.
Think About This: “Be prepared for adversity, and determine in advance that hanging in there through thick and thin will reveal your character.” ~ Gary LaLonde

Sept 30 2010

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USC and Pomona College grad CAROL KRUSE is the new Senior Vice President of Marketing at ESPN. Carol comes over from Coca-Cola where for the past 9 years she was VP of global interactive marketing. Yes, that means she’ll be trading her Atlanta office for a New York one. She was part of the team that came up with My Coke Rewards. She’ll start at ESPN in late October. Well Dunne! Carol.

KRISTIE GONZALES is trading Philadelphia for Fresno, where she will take the CSD slot at ABC’s KFSN. She’s currently writing and producing for CSD MIKE MONSELL at WPVI in the City of Brotherly Love. Kristie hails from New Mexico, where she began her TV career editing for Hearst’s KOAT. She then wrote and produced promos for Hubbard’s KOB. Both stations are in Albuquerque. Well Dunne! Kristie. And yes, Mike is looking for a writer producer to take Christie’s place.

Job Alert: Comcast in LA is looking for a “promo superstar” who writes, produces and edits, all creatively of course. Let me know and I’ll hook you up to the right website.

Job Alert: The Christian Broadcasting Network in ‘Virginia Beach, VA is looking for a Manager of Creative Services.

One more Job Alert: NATPE in LA is looking for a temp marketing coordinator. If interested send request for job description to marketing@natpe.org. No doubt a lot to be done before the NATPE 2011 hoo-haw set for Miami in late January.

All warm wishes to a healthy recovery go out to Well Dunne! Talent’s JEFF O’NEIL, who is of perfect sound voice, but is recovering from a little procedure for which the MD said ‘rest”’…so he is. Obviously, Jeff is a great voice who can take direction!

For those news junkies amongst us, there’s a new online site that pretty much covers the world of local TV news…and best of all, its free. http://www.the247newsroom.com/

Take a gander at The Wrap’s headline: 5 Reasons We’re Over the Overnights.

Anybody else find it ironic that cause marketing, which local TV has done better than any other medium, is now all the rage and advertisers are using TV time to promote their cause marketing…while at the same time TV stations have all but dropped causes in relation to their brand?

Think About This:
  “Heaven is here, and it’s available for everybody, but we need to have the eyes to perceive it.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz