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November 30, 2018

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Besides knowing how to write, edit, plan, concept, do meetings, write reports and manage other creative people (think herding cats)…there are those TV marketing folks who take to the boards. Last night , WCIA’s PETE BARRETT was on stage in Champaign, IL, singing those Abba hits in the musical Mama Mia. Yes, he sings – and dances as well.  Pretty amazing. Up Detroit way, DAVE BAUMANN, who is the Marketing and Creative Director of Stephen Arnold Music, has himself let his inner thespian loose this year when he was in Guys & Dolls. The photos were priceless. Back down in Maine, JOHN SCHRANK is a regular on stage in Portland when he’s not working promo-side at WGME. LEE COOLEY turned his CSD knowledge and now directs plays in the Phoenix market. Won a big award for it as well – a Zonie. So ladies, any of you have the actress bug?

Think About This: “Life’s like a play; it’s not the length but the excellence of the acting that matters.”  ~  Seneca

December 7, 2017

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So many creative people are lost to us when their heart chooses to stop beating. That’s what happened to ROXANN NELSON. Roxann passed away on Tuesday night. She was a promo pro who was living in the Minneapolis area, running her own insurance shop after a notable career doing TV marketing. For the last six years, she headed up Roxann Nelson Medicare and Family Health Insurance.  Her TV leadership was evident in her stints as CSD for WSOC in Charlotte, Hearst in Kansas City and Creative Head for ShopNBC. Her TV marketing career began at KARE in her belove Minneapolis. She helped launch talented people and, from all accounts, her laughter and her stories were legendary. She was what Hollywood used to call A Swell Dame. In the vein of Molly Ivins. High praise indeed. Let PETE BARRETT, the busiest man in the TV biz, finish this out:  Roxann Nelson, your star shines bright in our memories as a marketer, a very funny person, and as a friend. She wrote on my page regularly, and was a sympathetic ear when I was looking for work. RIP, Rox.


Big Well Dunne! to WENDY McMAHON’s promotion to President of the ABC Owned TV Stations Group. She’ll be walking in the high-heeled footsteps of REBECCA CAMPBELL. Yes, ladies, we’re taking over. Don’t worry guys, we’ll treat you very well.


Think About This: “Dying is inevitable and intimate. I have seen ordinary people at the end of their lives develop profound insights and engage in a powerful process of transformation that helped them to emerge as someone larger, more expansive, and much more real than the small, separate selves they had previously taken themselves to be. This is not a fairy-tale happy ending that contradicts the suffering that came before, but rather a transcendence of tragedy…. I have witnessed a heart-opening occurring in not only people near death, but also their caregivers. They found a depth of love within themselves that they didn’t know they had access to. They discovered a profound trust in the universe and the reliable goodness of humanity that never abandoned them, regardless of the suffering they encountered. If that possibility exists at the time of dying, it exists here and now.”  ~  Frank Ostaseski

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March 7, 2017

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 Moving Boxes: $47.95  Bubble Wrap and tape: $29.57   Guys who load furniture into moving truck: $250  Living close to your two sons: Priceless. Yep, that describes TERRY KOWALSKI’s life right now. He’s packing up in Pittsburgh and heading to New York, where a new job and his children await. Doesn’t get better…you can hear it in his voice. Terry’s headed to Utica, where he’ll be CSD the Nexstar’s ABC/FOX operation WUTR/WFXV. Terry’s been in TV and loves it almost as much as PETE BARRETT. The two of them would never stop talking TV if they sit together. While he’s been looing around, Terry studied and got his Masters in Public Relations from Kent State U. It all boils down to family, doesn’t it. It really does. He loves ice hockey, snow mobiling and all other kinds of sports that he can enjoy with the boys. I’m sure you join me in saying Well Dunne! Terry.

 Think About This:  “See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.”  ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


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October 20, 2016

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If you begin a conversation with “where did you go to high school?”, then you are having a conversation with a native St. Louisian. It’s one of the oddities of growing up in the Gateway to the West. Nobody knows why. It’s a litmus test of sorts…only St. Louis people will get it. With that in mind, it’s time to bring ADAM HERNDON into the picture. He’s a real St. Louis guy who immediately answered the question and didn’t think twice about it. And now this energetic marketing pro has come back to his hometown as Director of Marketing and Promotions at Tegna’s KSDK, the NBC affiliate. He shares the love of Italian food from The Hill as well as the eternal support for the best baseball team ever, the Cardinals. Gotta love it. Adam is a Mizzou grad (a family tradition) who has always loved Marketing…has two degrees in it; the MBA is from St. Louis U. Back when he was a fresh grad, his father dragged him to a networking event and, within a week, it led to a job in marketing in Chicago, which led him to an experiential marketing gig for Walgreens, which found him driving all over the country. Think of it as a Road Rules kind of situation. He’s worked for marketing firms like Marketing Werks and Fusion Marketing with clients like Anheuser-Busch and the CDC. He’s bringing all that energy to the NBC affiliate. Forgot to ask if he was a Guido’s pizza fan.  Let’s have a big Well Dunne! for Adam.

Shout out of Thanks to PETE BARRETT, who was able to answer an equipment problem quickly, easily, correctly and with a smile. That’s what makes a great Go-To guy. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Promotions Manager KGBT Harlingen TX

Job Alert  – Promotion Director WBOY Clarksburg WV

Think About This: “Every single day, we need to choose hope over fear, diversity over division.  Fear has never created a single job or fed a single family.  And those who exploit it will never solve the problems that have created such anxiety.”  ~  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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September 23, 2016

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Exotic south Florida offers the ideal environment for gators to thrive. Not just the kind floating about in the canals but the student kind…the grads from the University of Florida. They’re the Gators, as most of you know, and one of them has recently gotten a promotion at Miami’s WSVN, the Sunbeam FOX affiliate. CSD MICHAEL PARENTE sent word that LAUREN MUSKOVAC is now a full-fledged writer producer on his creative team. She had been working as the Creative Services Coordinating Producer and she did a great job. Now she’s donned several hats at the station, including video tape op. While in Gainesville, where UofF is located, she interned at Vista Satellite and got her start in TV at WUFT and WRUF. Sounds like she is One To Watch…sending her a sunny Well Dunne! Lauren.

Job Alert – Creative Services Director KVII Amarillo

Job Alert – Meteorologist WLOX Biloxi

Think About This:  (Thanks PETE BARRETT)  “The greatest danger facing us is ourselves – an irrational fear of the unknown. But there’s no such thing as the unknown…only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.”  ~ Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek

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August 4, 2016

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Talent is part of the DNA strand, so of course it can be handed down generation to generation like blue eyes or height or musical ability. Some of us have the most interesting, artistic, one-of-a-kind offspring and a few of those offspring have gotten bitten by the TV bug. Now before we stop and argue about what the meaning of TV means in today’s multi-platform world, let’s hear from PETE BARRETT, the man who loves working in this crazy world more than anybody you will ever meet. 

KATIE BARRETT has finally landed a job in TV! The KU Grad (she directed the college newscasts) now is Social Media Coordinator for Weigel Broadcasting’s "Heroes and Icons" network, as well as their network "Decades" (both based out of Chicago). Proud Dad would like to relate that their social media activity went up 383% last week! Her primary responsibility has been to promote all the syndicated Star Trek series from "STOS" to "Enterprise," which launched with a big social media splash! She’d based at WCIU in Chicago, and here I am based at WCIA!

Pete is the Production Manager of Nexstar CBS affil WCIA in Champaign, IL, which is a mere 134 miles from Chicago. Well Dunne! Dad and Well Dunne! Katie. I hear a Well Dunne! also goes out to TERRY KOWALSKI for his contribution.

Wanted: Topicals. Reward: Starbucks coffee. Details: Sydney Ruben. Instructions: Do it.

Think About This: “Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet.”  ~ Unknown

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June 23, 2016

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Seems to be a few more than normal jobs open…take a gander:


KCPQ – Seattle

KTHV – Little Rock

WIAT – Birmingham

KCTV – Kansas City

Sr. Director

WMAR – Baltimore

Marketing Director

WIVB – Buffalo

WHAS – Louisville

WFMY – Greensboro NC

WTVQ – Lexington

KSDK – St. Louis

WCSH – Portland, ME

KCBD – Lubbock

KENS – San Antonio

Assistant CSD

WXII – Winston Salem

WBAL – Baltimore

WMTW – Portland ME

Promotion Manager



WSOC – Charlotte

KMOV – St. Louis

Creative Director

Newsy – Chicago

Digital Marketing Manager

WAVE – Louisville

WMBF – Myrtle Beach

WVUE – New Orleans

Quick Takes: The man who is most in love with doing television (present day) is PETE BARRETT, who has been at Champaign, IL’s WCIA as Production Manager. Promoted today to using his more creative side as Supervisor of the afternoon show “CI Living”. And DOUG DONAHOO is, indeed, back in Kansas City but, alas, not at KCTV. So all you KC people who value talent, creativity and a great sense of humor, look him up and see what he can do for you. TV jobs not required. Well Dunne! Ya’ll.

Think About This:  “It’s not a persons mistakes which define them – it’s the way they make amends.” ~ Freya North (Chances)

Copyright 2016 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


July 3, 2012

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From one state capital to another…GENE ROBINSON is saying adieu to California’s capital Sacramento and is heading to Arizona to head up the creative efforts of Meredith’s CBS affil, KPHO. He’s a California man through and through, from his degree from Cal State Sacramento to his long career at KCRA, where he began as Promotion Manager for then-owner Kelly Broadcasting’s The West. While there, Gene served as News Promo Manager, Assistant Creative Services Director and then as CSD. Hearst took over ownership somewhere along the way. For the last two years, Gene has been Director of the Television Communications Center for the California  Highway Patrol. CHiPs. No word on whether he has a motorcycle license or those cool boots Ponch and John wore on the show. Anyway, it’s great news and a big Well Dunne! to Gene. The welcome matt is out for you in the Valley of the Sun.

Happy birthday to the one and only SHORTY BACON. 

PETE BARRETT gets our best wishes for a speedy ‘back on your feet’ – he’s getting his knee operated on today and no doubt will be back better than new. 

Job Alert – Creative Services Director for KFMB, San Diego

Think About This:  ““Believe and you’re halfway there.”  ~ Harry S. Truman