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July 8, 2015

Jul 7, 2015 by     Comments Off on July 8, 2015    Posted under: Featured

Very smart move…expanding the creative business to embrace philanthropic and charitable arenas. It’s exactly what Pongo is doing.  You know Pongo, the folks in Hollywood who do the creative marketing and branding. Pongo…TOM MCGOUGH and GARY SACHS. 25 years in biz. Oh THAT Pongo. Have another cup of coffee and read on. To reach out and lead this new division of their company, they chose an A+ creative. They picked ROD POMERANTZ who is now the VP of Content and Strategy for them, coming over from Disney Channel where he was VP Marketing and Creative. Look for some outstanding and impactful PSA’s, spots, B-to-B integration and interstitials coming from this lovely new combo. Rod’s a Jersey native who went to Skidmore and has worked at SOAPnet as well as Taffet Designs and TVGuide Network. Big Well Dunne! Rod and Pongos.

Click and listen to the great music (which you could put under promos when you buy it!) and look at the cool Burning Man pix. Thanks NICK SANABRIA. Details tomorrow on the music.


Think About This: “Learn to love the fool in you…the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes, loses often, lacks self control, loves and hates hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promise, laughs and cries. 

It alone protects you against that utterly self-controlled masterful tyrant who you also harbor and who would rob you of human aliveness, humility, and dignity.  ~ Theadore Isaac Rubin 


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