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September 12, 2017

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As was the case with the amazing TV people in Houston, the Florida TV pros stepped up and did epic work covering Irma. They still are. The internet allows us to see their news on-air, which is a modern miracle imo. The Florida, Georgia, South Carolina markets all shone. So many stories…so many deserving our attention and applause. So let’s start and keep adding to the honor role. And interest role, since we’re starting with blatant WDT promotion.


Well Dunne! Talent’s DARYN JOHNSON is a TV director for Fox’s WTVT in Tampa and was making it all happen on the air while sleeping in an office at the station on West Kennedy. Well Dunne! Talent’s SEAN CALDWELL headed to Atlanta and Irma followed him up I-75. An Atlanta resident already, RICH VANSLYKE read copy for Florida markets while preparing to have the hurricane mess with his town. Big-voiced MITCH PHILLIPS kept his sense of humor from the Fort Lauderdale area. All are safe.


In Jacksonville, WJXT’s Meteorologist JOHN GAUGHAN (pronounced Gone) did an A+ job on Irma in the Jax market. Promo that man with “GAUGHAN WITH THE WIND”. (Sorry SHERRY CARPENTER…had to use that.)


Creative “architect” STAN MELTON heads up DC’s ABC affil WJLA…and he recently teamed up with STEPHEN ARNOLD and his music, using the SAM cut “Waking Up My Day” for the station’s American Idol Front of the Line contest. The cut is part of the new “Ready” promo package. Well Dunne! Stan Stephen and CHAD COOK, VP of Creative for SAM.


Think About This:  What if I told you that 10 years from now, your life would be exactly the same? I doubt you’d be happy. So, why are you so afraid of change?”  ~  Karen Salmansohn


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June 20, 2016

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If one has to distill the focus of the NYC PROMAX, it would have to be: change is everything, content is still king, and all the basics of marketing translate to making the ‘new’ delivery platform messages work. Like in the beginning of TV in the early 50’s, products and even people are creating their own channels using different platforms. Technology available to all is taking the place of expensive equipment that was once only available  in large markets. Hot, Flat and Crowded is right. “Creativity democratized” is how Pepsi’s ADAM HARDER termed it. 

Oishii Creative was a standout as the Design Partner of the Conference. Their work is fresh, modern, young and memorable. One of the faves is on the landing page today…this particular Dare To took extra effort to post, but well worth it. Back to Oishii Creative – they are LA-based and you need to put them on your radar. Well Dunne! Oishii. Thanks for sharing this very cool Dare To piece!

In Vegas? Sit a spell and cool down. While you’re there, look for Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE, voice man fabuloso. And SYDNEY RUBIN who can tell you all about how Topical Boot Camp can make a difference in your station….find both and do it now!

The lovely LAUREN RIDGLEY, late of CSD-ship at WISN in Milwaukee, hasn’t stopped producing since she stepped away from every day TV. She just pivoted a bit and is now the proud mother of the most adorable little package of baby goodness. She and her hubby could not be more delighted. Sugar and spice and everything nice for you! Well Dunne!

Think About This: “Omnia mutantur, nihil interit (everything changes, nothing perishes).”  ~  Ovid, Metamorphoses

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September 17, 2015

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East Carolina U has a very distinguished program in broadcasting and some pretty cool alums, like SANDRA BULLOCK. One such alum from the Greenville NC school is PATRICK BEARD, who is the new Marketing Manager of Raycom’s flagship station, WSFA, NBC in Montgomery, AL where Raycom headquarters. Patrick comes from the coast of North Carolina where he’s been Marketing Supervisor at Raycom’s ABC/FOX duopoly, WCTI and WFXI. Patrick is a very talented guy who started his TV career at another station in New Bern and has been writing and producing promos getting ready to run a department. The future’s so bright, he’s wearing shades! Well Dunne! Patrick.

For those who love radio and reading about it, check out Well Dunne!’s RICH VANSLYKE’s article on Programming. He’s a multi-talented guy.

Think About This: "If we could all hear one another’s prayers, God might be relieved of some of his burdens."  ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

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March 21, 2014

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One of the very talented creatives out there is now a Promotion Manager! Yes, he got the new title when we were all either shoveling snow or worrying about lack of rain (how you identify will label you a Midwest/East Coast person or a West Coast person respectively). Up at WXYZ in Detroit, at the Scripp-owned ABC affil, AARON LIVERSEDGE has been a stand-out writer producer for CSD DAVE BAUMANN. All Aaron’s stuff is amazing. No doubt hard work has paid off with that new business card. A big Well Dunne! to Aaron. 

Job Alert – Assistant Director PBS KIDS Marketing & Promotion Strategy, Arlington VA (DC)

Job Alert – On-Air Senior Promotion Producer, Middle East Broadcasting Network, Springfield VA (DC) Job code 193

Job Alert – Director of Creative Services, Mun2 LA (Must be bilingual)

Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYE wrote a pretty cool article which appears in the FMQB publication. Click to connect.

Worth the click….Great Communicators Do These 8 Things Always.

Think About This: “When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person that walked in. That’s what the storm is all about.”  ~  Haruki Murakami

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May 21, 2013

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Change is all around. Always has been, but there are times when it seems to rush ahead more quickly, sweeping us breathlessly along with it. Found out there’s a big change happening out west, where KLAS’ LEE MINARD has announced he’s leaving the station the end of June. He and his lovely wife (and the family cats of course) will be heading to the Arizona desert to enjoy life lived to the max and not to the time clock. Lee’s career is amazing and he’s brought his magic to such places as Food Network and stations across the country. An award-winning pro, it seems his departure from active TV will leave a hollow spot. He loves jazz, photography and art, so he’ll be busy in between sunrise and sunset. A sincere and heartfelt Well Dunne! Lee. 

More change. This coming Friday is going to be extra exciting for Well Dunne!’s RICH VANSLYKE. His daughter Ali is graduating high school. The lovely young lady is going to college and study jazz saxophone performance…making her my favorite Freshman. Well Dunne! VanSlykes.

My wonderful entertainment lawyer reminds me that ya’ll need reminding that all material on this site, including the daily Well Dunne! blog is under copyright and all that it implies. OK, carry on.

Think About This:  “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”   ~  Steve Jobs


December 5, 2012

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Out Fresno way comes word from GM MATT ROSENFELD that he’s promoted RICK NITIDO to Creative Services Director. The UConn grad has been at KSEE for 25 years and has done just about everything, from Director, Art Director, Production Manager, Creative Director and Promotion Manager.  Right now, he’s Promotion & Production Manager.  Best part of the new job (said with a smile) is working with Well Dunne! Talents RICH VANSLYKE. Big Well Dunne! to you Rick. 

Job Alert – VP Marketing and Audience for Cox Media Group Ohio in Dayton

Phoenix people…do a good thing and have a blast this Saturday. It’s a holiday bazaar fundraiser and movie night at Villa Paws at the Paradise Hills Shopping Center. Watch the holiday classic film Elf and bring your whole family, including the 4 legged ones. Pix with Santa, too.  It all helps Theresa McQuown fight leukemia. 

Think About This: “The truth is that in the most profound relationships our deepest fears come up for healing. They come up because we feel safe enough with our partner to look at the shadowy aspects of ourselves and begin to integrate them into our awareness.”  ~ Paul Ferrini


January 5, 2012

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Definition 6 has news. They’re the cool-o Atlanta & NYC marketing agency and they have two new hires to crow about. MARIBETH PHILLIPS is now the Executive Producer and JOHN SEXTON is the new Interactive Creative Director. They’re both gonna office in The Apple. Maribeth comes over from Imaginary Forces where she was Managing Director and EP. Before that she was with Lee Hunt, then it became Razorfish. The William and Mary grad has also studied at Parsons School of Design and she’s done work for a whole lot of networks, cable nets, etc. John has been freelancing at the top agencies, working for clients like  Nissan, FedEx and more. He’s also been VP Interactive Creative Director and VP Associate Creative Director at Grey Healthcare and Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness. He’s got a sheepskin from Columbia College in Chicago. Well Dunne! Maribeth and John. Give my regards to FRANK RADICE.

It’s the same only way different….that’s probably how ADAM STOTSKY is explaining his new role at G4. Last August, Adam departed his slot as President of Marketing at NBC Entertainment out in LA. Just today, he was tapped to be General Manager of G4, NBCU’s video game-centric media outlet. The West Virginia U grad has held executive marketing slots at Discovery and SyFy, where he was EVP Global Brand Strategy and Market Development back when it was called SciFi. Well Dunne! Adam.

During the holiday break, Well Dunne! Talent’s NICK SANABRIA blew some candles out on his latest birthday cake….and  RICH VANSLYKE was all over TV with his new spots for Ethan Allen. Just love my guys (and girls).

Winston Churchill’s oratory talent can help you market. Yes it can. 

What’s on the horizon in the ad world? Take a look into the crystal ball thanks to the WSJ. 


Think About This: “The world can’t end (in 2012), because Marty McFly took the Delorean to 2015!!” ~ Well Dunne! Talent’s KELLY PIDGEON


December 12, 2011

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 There’s nothing as much fun as seeing someone get a job they have long wanted. Such is the happy case for NIKI HOPKINS, who has traded her News work for Promo work – and in one of my favorite locales – Dallas Ft. Worth. She traded in her news producer biz card, the one she used while at CBS’ KTVT, and has a promo producer biz card from Daystar TV Network. Niki is a storyteller by nature, which made her a star in the newsroom. She had her heart set on doing long form and promotion, and so this is a story with a happy ending. Of course, she left the coolest News Director ever – ADRIENNE ROARK. Shout out to Daystar’s ANDI KIMBROUGH and a big Well Dunne! Niki.

Can’t wait to hear Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE on the upcoming Ethan Allen furniture campaign. No discounts were involved, darn it, so Santa, please keep that ottoman on the list.

Job Alert – VP, Creative Director, Co-Branded Promotion: MTV On Air Promos

Taking logos to a whole new level. Just in time for Christmas, of course. 

Think About This: "While we watch the storm clouds gather and prepare for the storm, let us never forget that the sun still shines behind those dark clouds,  and may somehow break through before the storm descends. I see sunshine in the real desire for peace in the hearts of humanity,  even though the human family gropes toward peace blindly, not knowing the way." ~ Peace Pilgrim

October 18, 2011

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Trading the nearly-Gulf Coast locale of Houston for the honestly Gulf Coast locale of Tampa is GAYLE HALVORSEN. She’s headed to the Tampa Bay area to become the new Promotion Manager for Scripp’s WFTS, working with super CSD DENNIS ELSBURY. Gayle is taking leave of her Local Programming Producer/Creative Services Producer position at Tribune’s KIAH. She’s a grad of Southern Illinois University Carbondale (wonder if she’s a St. Louis Cardinals fan…) who has worked at KSNW in Wichita as well as KHOU, Belo’s CBS affil in Houston. Along the way, she was a creative for Pug House Productions. She’s going to love Tampa Bay and is en route now. Plus she gets to work with Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE. Well Dunne! Gayle.

Job Correction – Raleigh’s WNCN isn’t looking for a Marketing Manager. They’re looking for a Promotion Manager. Imagine how much fun that was for STEVE PATRICK to read while at his Grandfather’s funeral. Ouch. Promo Manager candidates, let Steve know you’re interested. 

Graphics people – do you like the new logo for the Portland Art Museum?

Think About This: “Perfection is achieved, now when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery


March 23, 2011

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NBCU’s E&DN/IM unit has upped CAMERON BLANCHARD to be Executive Vice President, Communications. Anybody know exactly what E&DN/IM unit is? Buehler? It’s a new division and it includes Telemundo, mun2, Bravo Media, Oxygen Media, Style, Sprout, ExerciseTV, TV One, iVillage, Daily Candy, Swirl, Fandango and Integrated Strategic Marketing group. Whew…nearly out of breath. Now, anybody know what the E&DN/Im means? Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media Division. Hope this is the only pop quiz of your day. No matter what, it’s a big Well Dunne! to Cameron.

Lovin’ Tulsa’s Scipps’ owned ABC Affil KJRH, where Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE voices for their news. Great to hear from CSD SAMANTHA KNOWLTON, who  updated the latest changes in her department. When Topical writer producer CHARLES ELMORE left the biz, she promoted CHRIS FITZWALTER to the topical spot and he’s doing just great. Meanwhile, their new Commercial Producer is JIM DOUTT. It’s all OK, as they say in Oklahoma. Well Dunne!

The power of editing and marketing…so elegantly exhibited in a recut trailer for Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. Yes, check it out and see how Ferris might have been marketed vis a vis a moody, indie genre.

Think About This: “The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another.” ~ Thomas Merton

Friday February 18, 2011

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Jackson, Mississippi is not only the capital of the Magnolia State, it’s the new home of SCYLLA LOPEZ. For those (me included) who need a little clue, Scylla is pronounced Sheila. Definitely a sign that she has a very creative streak. And she’ll put that to good use as the topical producer at Hearst’s WAPT, the ABC affiliate in Jackson. The former anchor reporter is going to be on the fun side of the news now, after being in front of the camera at KZTV in Corpus and KAVU in Victoria, both Texas, ma’am.  Mrs. Lopez finds herself in Jackson due to her hubby’s job – they moved from Omaha, where she was doing social marketing. CSD CORY MCCRAE is thrilled. Well Dunne! Scylla.

Well Dunne Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE is going to be one of the pros talking about the world of VO.  It’s all part of The Conclave series. Info

Can the Olympics and other sports be a thing of the past for NBC?

Think About This:  "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind." ~ William James

Thursday February 10, 2011

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Birmingham is home to Southern Living Magazine and the best onion rings on the planet. It’s also where RYAN DENLEY now calls home. He’s the new Promotions Producer for Raycom’s FOX affiliate, WBRC. He’s made the switch from his former job at WBBJ, the ABC affiliate in Jackson, Tennessee. Well Dunne! Ryan.

They care enough to send the very best…so Hallmark Channels has named TONI LORUSSO Director, Ad Sales Marketing. The University of Florida grad was Integrated Marketing and Partnerships Manager for Discovery Communications. Toni has done integrated marketing for NBCU and Fine Living Network as well. She’s got a master’s  degree from NYU’s direct and interactive marketing program.

Job Alert: CSD SAMANTHA KNOWLTON is looking for a creative services writer producer at KJRH in Tulsa. Bonus to that job…you get to work with Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE.

Job Alert: The good folks at Turner in Atlanta are searching for a Marketing Director – Creative Services. Must be bilingual in English and Portuguese or English and Spanish.

Think About This: "We are not valuable because we are a member of a certain group or because we call God by a certain name. We are not valuable because we follow a  guru or observe a certain diet. We are valuable because we are a spark of  the divine. And the only thing Gurus, priests, rabbis and elders can do for us is point us back in the direction of home, and home is, of course, within."  ~ Darren John Main


November 10, 2010

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Any day I hear from LEE MINARD, CSD at KLAS in Vegas…well, those days are great. Today was such a day, and he is looking forward to having BRENDA MICHAEL join his creative team at the Landmark CBS affil in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Brenda is heading west from her slot at the Tribune stations in Indianapolis, where she’s been for the last four plus years. The Ball State grad is a Muncie native who has worked her way up the ladder at Indianapolis’ MyTV WNDY, handling graphics, writing, producing and was On-Air Manager of Promotions during  an 11 year run. Bren, which I’m told is her nickname, will love the desert. Lucky girl working with Lee. Well Dunne! to you.

Yeah baby…that’s Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE doing the announce for the FORD end of  the year national TV campaign. Rich has THE sound that’s getting him noticed and getting stations signing him up. The Ford spots, btw, feature former KPIX talent MIKE ROWE, who has a super voice, too. Oh, just heard it on NBC. Well Dunne! Rich.

Viva Riccardo. For all you South Floridians, don’t miss Well Dunne! Talent’s RICCARDO PEROTTI whose musical talents will be front and center Friday and Saturday nights at La Casa de Tula. All part of the Miami Music Festival. He sings, he has a great voice, he’s bilingual. Wow! Well Dunne! Riccardo. 

Each and everyone involved in marketing is aiming at getting a consumer/viewer to switch brands one way or another. Here’s a very interesting take on what retailers need to do to make that happen, and there’s info for your biz as well.

Whole Foods is going to unveil their Top 10 holiday wines on Nov. 17. On Twitter. Interesting.

Think About This: “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”  ~ Confucius


July 15, 2010

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Everybody congratulate DANIAL (and  yes, that is spelled correctly) HEMME on his new slot as Creative Services Manager at Sinclair’s WEAR, the ABC affiliate in Pensacola, FL. Danial was promoted from being what he calls the lowly writer/director.  The Detroit native loves that Gulf Coast, even with the oil problems. He loves film and is intrigued by the horror genre. You should ask him about that. He’s looking for someone to take a newly created post, that of Sr. Writer Producer, so if you’re into palm trees and want to be around when the cleanup is complete, this is your chance. Well Dunne! Mr. H.

Former KPIX promo pro ANTON KOZIKOWSKI is now making films in Albuquerque and sends along this info: Anton says, "Hey!  "Leather Kittens Gone Bad" Premieres Friday, 8pm at the Kimo ABQ! An all-girl band kidnapping producers and torturing them with songs and moves until their plan backfires.  (no kittens were harmed during filming) Anton Kozikowski Producer".

Any of you reading this from The Conclave? If so, I hope you run into Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE who is attending.

Research shows that, yes indeed, thank you notes ARE elemental to business. Read about it here.

How to Write A Marketing Plan with 5 Questions. How enticing is that title? Yeah, it’s the basics, but they’re usually worth revisiting.

Think About This: "You can handle anything if you think you can. Just keep your cool and your sense of humor."  ~  Smiley Blanton

May 25, 2010

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Getting a kick up the corporate ladder is…drum roll please…. DONNA WILSON. Just today, the lovely Donna was named Vice President and General Manager of Scripps’ Tulsa property, KJRH. Donna’s  going to take the lead at the NBC affil come June 16. Right now, she’s heading up the marketing efforts of Tampa’s ABC affil, WFTS. She’s been doing that marketing magic at places like Cox’s ABC affil in Orlando, for FOX in Colorado Springs, and wrangling the creatives  for Media General. The mother of twins (now THAT is a real job!) will be trading her palm trees for oil derricks, and was in Tulsa today meeting all the folks at her new station. Well Dunne! Donna. Go get ‘em girl.

Oh, yeah, Donna is brilliant in that she uses Well Dunne!’s  RICH VAN SLYKE at WFTS.

Think About This: “Journeys bring power and love back into you. If you can’t go somewhere, move in the passageways of the self. They are like shafts of light, always changing, and you change when you explore them.” ~ Rumi