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April 5, 2013

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Talk about a change in scenery. KELLY LAMBERT is trading Boston for Houston. She’s staying in TV marketing, of course, but lobster is being replaced by Gulf Coast shrimp as a menu item. For Kelly, Hearst’s ABC affil in Bean Town WCVB is being replaced by Post Newsweek’s KPRC as employer. And Ms. Kelly is stepping into management with the post of Brand Manager over on the Southwest Freeway for her new job. It’s not her first  Post Newsweek slot…she was down in Jacksonville at WJXT, where her new boss MIKE GUERRIERI once worked as well. Thanks to WCVB’s CSD RUSS NELLIGAN for the update. He’s, of course, looking to replace her. And a Well Dunne! to you Kelly. 

Job Alert – Topical w/p for WTVJ Miami


I shall miss ROGER EBERT very much. He was an excellent writer. I hope to see him at the movies in the great beyond….

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April 4, 2013

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The Windy City is set to welcome a new creative in the form of GRANT HORNE, who is taking the Promotion Manager slot at FOX Chicago. Grant is a particularly super guy, and he was written up in a previous Well Dunne blog post. He’s been at WCVB, the Hearst ABC in Boston, working with another favorite, CSD RUSS NELLIGAN. Once in Chicago, Grant will report to the lovely and talented CARRIE KING and, as a bonus, get to work with Well Dunne! Talent’s NICK SANABRIA, who knows Chicago like the back of his hand. He’ll be a big help, Grant. Well Dunne!

Elsewhere in Chicago, ROGER EBERT is fighting a recurrence of his cancer. I hope you’ll join in sending him healing wishes for an end to his health issues. Always been a huge Ebert fan. 

EVAN MINSKOFF is a hoot…he describes himself on his Twitter page as: “SVP, Marketing & Brand Strategy @OvationTV. Comedy-writing, sitcom-loving, carb-obsessed dog fanatic.” Who doesn’t love that??  He’s coming to Ovation from head of branding at Gilt Group. His background is most impressive…Disney, Digitas and The About Group. Well Dunne! Evan.

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November 8, 2011

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Trading one city that begins with a vowel for another city that begins with a vowel is MICHAEL BROUDER. He’s the new Creative Services Director at Tribune’s WXIN/WTTV, the Fox and CW affiliates in Indianapolis respectively. He’s coming north from Atlanta, where the Iowa State alum  was Marketing Director at Fo Sports Net South. Michael is a Trib alum too. His first job in TV was at WGN in Chicago where he began as a writer/producer and worked his way up to CSD. Well Dunne! Michael.

Job Alert MISSY CRAWFORD at NBC in the Bay Area (San Francisco for those reading this pre-coffee) is on the hunt for a Graphic Designer. 

MELINDA BACON (no relation, sorry to say) is looking for some creative talent at Bright House Networks in sunny St. Pete, Florida. First, a Director of Creative Services as well as a Staff Writer. The info is here: http://brighthouse.com/tampa-bay/about/careers

Huge Well Dunne! going to Coke for their elegant effort to raise awareness of polar bears. Look for white – not red, but white – Coke cans. The polar bear has been a Coke spokesperson and part of their marketing efforts. Now, Coke has donated $2 million to help them and will match another $1 mil from donations from Coke drinkers. The white cans are done in concert with World Wildlife Fund.

Do you love Roger Ebert and his movie reviews? Then click here…he needs you. 

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