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Well Dunne! for October 1, 2009

Oct 1, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne! for October 1, 2009    Posted under: Uncategorized

Welcome to the new Well Dunne! blogsite. Now part of the Well Dunne! Talent website, this will enable you all to follow the world of entertainment marketing while allowing me to give a little nudge to my fabulous talents. Who you need and want to hire. Come on…you know you do. We have to send hugs, kisses and a HUGE GIGANTIC Well Dunne! to the man behind this site and this blog…BRANDON. Brandon is LA based and a whiz…so any of you who would like to partake of his genius, DO IT. I’ll get you in touch with him and the world will be a better place.

SCOTT WEBER, who calls south Jersey his hometown, is happily sitting under the palms in the Tampa St. Pete market (on the St. Pete side actually) doing his videophotog thing and editing thing at Hearst’s WMOR.  Lensing (as they call it in LA) runs in the family – his wife is a photojournalist at WTSP in the same market. Cool. Scott, who was out of the biz for a bit and was doing oil trading in Palm Beach (you may make that “oy” face now) is happy to be back at the creative game under CSD DAVE LAWRENCE. Shout out to WMOR’s fab Sales Manager, ROY TYMM. Well Dunne! Scott. Now back to your Avid.

OK, so it should NOT be a big surprise to anybody who has ever shopped with my friend SUE RAYMER and me, but a new study from NBCU shows woman are buying more big ticket items and we’re really quite good at finding the right thing. Duh.

How rich are you? Your income bracket can be predicted by your choice of TV entertainment – your shows are your ‘tell’.

Ooppps, this could be bad news for your sales departments.

Here comes 3D TV…no really..here it comes

31 days of Halloween and a twizzler and a TV series on a cable net. What do they have in common?

Think About This
: "To find truth you must experience it in your soul. You can read hundreds of books, or study the religions of all time, and find that all of them have one common point, one common denominator: and this is love-which is another word for light or soul illumination. To realize this soul illumination you have to shut away the clamor of the lower mind, to become humble, very simple." ~ White Eagle