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June 26, 2012

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What happens in Vegas does not necessarily STAY in Vegas, contrary to popular belief (and the branding line for the Vegas Tourism folks). For instance, STEVE PATRICK is taking pix at the Station Summit and this is the place to check it out. For instance, here is SHELLY MATTHEWS of WCBD/Charleston and DAN FLAXER of WSAV/Savannah putting their plans together for a fact-based and fun few days. 

Meanwhile, while the CSD’s are convicting (my new word or one heard in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) a new Marketing Manager is unpacking and acclimating himself to his new city. The man with the new city and title is ROSS LYTLE, Marketing Manage of WSPA and he’s emptying boxes in Spartanburg, SC. Ross is a Texan, hailing from Houston and he’s making his way south from being at WBKN in Youngstown, Ohio.  He got his start in North Dakota and is a very impressive writer! Ross, you tear ‘em up and keep in touch. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Digital Marketing Specialist WLTX in Columbia SC

Job Alert – Director of Marketing, Adap.tv in San Mateo, CA

Job Alert – Writer Producer Editor at WGRZ in Buffalo

Think About This:  "But sometimes, unexpectedly, a quiet moment finds us and we drop down into the life we have beneath all the rushing and the trying and the endless daily details, sinking into the fertile soil of the sometimes neglected inner life, where the seeds of remembering what matters are planted. What comes from that place when we give it half a chance flowers in our lives and the world, creating unexpected changes in the direction of our journey and offering unanticipated blessings to us and those around us." ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer