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August 12, 2015

Aug 11, 2015 by     Comments Off on August 12, 2015    Posted under: Featured

What would lure a native New Orleanian out of the most unique city in the USA? A great job in a bigger market might do it. And it has. Taking I-10 east to Florida was TREVOR CASSIDY.Destination Orlando. Not as a tourist (although you can play that part anytime or even every weekend) but as the new Assistant Creative Services Director for NBC affil WESH.  He’s leaving behind his slot as Promotion Manager at venerable WWL in The Big Easy. He’s so NOLA he even has a sheepskin from Loyola, which might be framed beautifully, what with Trevor being a graphic artist and all. His new city might not be one in which he finds great gumbo , but tourists from around the world flock to the may fun things the city offers.  A very big Well Dunne! Trevor.

Job Alert – Assistant Marketing Director WWL New Orleans



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it comes from being open to all the questions."  ~ Earl Gray Stevens


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December 18, 2013

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New Orleans is so unique. The music, food, ambiance…the ability to overcome and endure. It’s all part of what makes The Big Easy one of the world’s most unique places. No wonder locals will stay and stay…who can blame them? One such New Orleanian (is that righ?) is TREVOR CASSIDY, who has been named Promotion Manager at venerable WWL TV, CBS. He’s a Loyola grad who has an art and graphics background. He freelanced at WDSU and handled video production at the Saint Tammany Parish School Board. He’s been at WWL and they’re thrilled to have him and give him the new title/duties. Super holiday bonus, eh! Well Dunne! Trevor and thanks to CSD JOSH MEZA for the info.

Think About This: ‘One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.’  ~ Bertrand Russell