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May 22, 2017

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No secret that Big D…Dallas, Texas, has long been a muy favorite locale. Now a muy favorite lady is headed there to work for The Bandit himself. Translation: Dallas rocks as does SMU. JORDANA HOUCHINS is Dallas-bound to work for DAVID HERSHEY, aka The Bandit, in the creative department of KTVT, CBS in the aforementioned north Texas market. She’ll be writing and producing and she’ll love the News Director, ANDREA PARQUET-TAYLOR.  Jordana is going to leave the bright lights of LA behind when she heads east. While in LA, she produced promos for KNBC and KABC as well as KTLA. She also was Creative Director for the Queen Latifah Show via Studio City. The University of Washington student kicked off her TV career in Houston before going back to the Pacific Northwest where she promo’ed at KING and KCPQ. Let’s not forget her Charlotte NC slot at FOX. She’s going to have a blast and do work that the Metroplex will enjoy. Way to go Jordana. Watch out all you Texas bachelors…the blonde is landing soon. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Promo Producer KDVR Denver

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January 10, 2014

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Kicking 2014 off late, but persevering nonetheless. There are wonderful things afoot and smiles all around. For instance, JORDANA HOUCHINS has a fabulous new job – she’s Creative Director for the Queen Latifah Show. Queen not only had a fashion star outfit on the Peoples Choice Awards the other night, but her new talk show was voted favorite and she took home an Award. Jordana will no doubt have a blast marketing, having learned her stuff at KABC, KTLA and FOX in Charlotte. The University of Washington grad certainly knows how to make a new year fresh and exciting. Well Dunne! Jordana.

Closing the book on a long and illustrious career in TV marketing is ANNE ATKINS, who is retiring from her slot as VP of Marketing for the Raycom ownership group. She’s a classy, intelligent and talented woman who no doubt will be missed, and who deserves all the best. May you enjoy every day, Anne.

Job Alert – Sr. Creative Producer WGCL Atlanta

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November 27, 2012 #2

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Every now and then, I get to write about somebody special…and today is such a day. Yes, all the cool folks who are getting new slots are special, but this one particular announcement is like having my brother get something wonderful. CURTIS MILES is heading to Chicago to head up the creative for ABC’s WLS, which is most exciting for Curtis’ mother, who lives in nearby Iowa and she can now see her two grandchildren more than a few times a year. Curtis is the newest member of the VP Club with his new title: VP of Creative Services and Programming.  He’ll be heading north after the first of the year, no doubt with a new coat and gloves. He’s been at ABC in Raleigh, WTVD, as CSD. His new GM in The Windy City is his old GM from NC. Nice. Curtis has done creative leadership at Belo’s WVEC in Norfolk as well as being Promo Manager at WTAE in Pittsburgh and WTAJ in Altoona, PA. He’s even worked at Magid. He has a Masters Degree from U of Iowa. A great big ol’ Well Dunne! Curtis and family.

Think About This:  “The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anybody else suffer the way they do.”  ~  Anonymous (thanks to KABC’s JORDANA HOUCHINS)



August 6, 2012

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Making the move from Sunset Blvd to Burbank is JORDANA HOUCHINS. She’ll be leaving KTLA where she’s been doing that creative writing and producing thing for MARSHALL HITES and will be joining the lovely WENDY MCMAHON’s creative crew over at KABC. Jordana started out as a news producer at FOX in Seattle and then made the switch to promotions at one of the top shops in the country, KING. The U of Washington lady also spent creative time at Fox Charlotte. Well Dunne! Jordana.

Job Alert – Creative Director National Geographic Channel DC  10614892

Job Alert – Marketing Manager WVNS in West Virginia

Job Alert – Marketing Coordinator WOWK Charleston WV

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